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Instead of just commenting on the latest headlines I’m going to start writing editorials. So today I’ll start with the following:

Today Emperor Obama announced with his scepter and his illegal executive decree that Hispanics from wherever are welcome. So once again he will violate the Constitution, ironically of which he is a supposed scholar, via his faux Poison Ivy League diploma from the puppy mill machine known as Harvard – somehow they all end up in DC. But as of today the DNC is pandering to Hispanics after screwing over blacks for the last 60 years, which they hope to replace as their minority of choice. Will it work or will blacks and Hispanics continue their inner city war of which the DNC pits their voting blocks against one another? Who knows but I don’t think the people from the South will buy into all the BS. Once all the purchasing power of fiat US money and the DOJ Holder and BATF/CIA supplied guns to MS 13 run out, will MS 13 and the Hispanics feign loyalty to their CIA/DEA drug dealers overlords? As an American I realize we are dumb but that  is thanks to a top notch Gov’t forced education but eventually the masses will wake up. How many taxpayer supplied exotic local vacations can Al Gore and his ilk go to as we freeze our asses off before the masses realize the gov’t and their MSM allies created a conspiracy regarding the  global climate change scam? Can an aspiring lawyer do the right thing and sue the hell out of DC and her bureaucrats or do they all have shit ambitions to become criminal congresspeople who screw over the people?

As of this week Germany is the happiest place in the world. I can completely agree as Obama and his bitch DNC approved wife look a lot liked Hitler and Eva Braun  this as they lost their psycho emperor 70 years ago and we are only into year 6 in the USA. If history is a benchmark then the USA will finally get back on her feet in 2100. I have to admit I’m optimistic but because of Obama  wife’s school food initiative of crappy portions and shitty food to boot, all thanks to their lobbyist who control the first couple via blackmail (The hallmark of DC) I might add, the DNC totalitarian brand will be tarred for the next 100 years.  I’m just happy that our fake or faux election process will actually back fire against the Poison Ivy league as their forced conscripts (school children) have  revolted all because of lunch non choices. Oh the Irony…If you want to read the truth about American Education then read this by John Taylor Gatto.

This goes hand in hand with the likes of  Jonathan Gruber who lied over and over again to sell a pile of shit only Democrats voted for but this asshole seemed to think that people actually voted for laws because he is an elitists from MIT that lives in a fairy world. No American actually voted for this shit legislation, as Democrat (who by definition aren’t Americans) politicians are soul sucking assholes, so who is stupid now you fucking worthless POS?  I used to hold MIT above the rest, to actually be in a league of their own, but narrowed minded people like Jonathan Gruber from MIT is now in league with Harvard and Yale and I urge all Americans to not send your kids to these portals to Hell.

The Kansas Kracker