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http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/nov/25/obama-amnesty-obamacare-clash-businesses-have-3000/This will be a special Thanksgiving to remember as all Americans will welcome our new friends and now legal citizens from the South,  so for once we can feel like the Native Americans did all those years ago all in the name of the loosely defined popular progressive word, diversity. Instead of bringing alcoholism and small pox they’ll bring us fatal respiratory and TB diseases all thanks to our sick Jacobin Poison Ivy League masters who welcome Hell on Earth.

The White House (Obama) and the DOJ (Eric Holder) colluded to block one of the few journalists (I use the term loosely)  in America, Sharyl Attkison, who dared to look into these ‘esteemed’ American institutions arming their Mexican drug cartel allies with guns via Fast and the Furious. After all, America is the granddaddy of drugs after we won WWII we took it over from England. Why do you think the MI6 and the CIA and England the WH are so tight. This isn’t too difficult to figure out if you think about it for a couple hours. It is also why the esteemed higher education (e.g. Poison Ivy League and Cambridge and Oxford) institutions and their grads all hold positions of power and are never prosecuted as it is the grandest conspiracy of our time.

Obama and his administration continue their anti-Christian persecution, just like his heroes Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin, as the US is going to deport 120 Christian students for a bureaucratic red tape snafu. According to Todd Starnes these poor students are going to deported because some bureaucrat lied somewhere who thinks is Government is God.  I bet if they were Muslim and this was a Madrassa the benevolent US Gov’t would look the other way in the name of diversity and inclusion, and we all know how diverse the Muslims are and their inclusiveness of other cultures and religions. That being said Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood (MB) allies are still pissed off Egypt did the right thing and threw them out after the faux US inspired Arab Spring Coup didn’t last. Of course Obama and his sick fuck Poison Ivy League friends who run the US and Europe wanted to overthrow Bashar al-Assad but he is still in power and Russia took over the Crimea and the Democrats got slaughtered by the Republicans in the mid-terms. So with the fake Benghazi story to institute the MB in Egypt and this was used for the potential overthrow of Bashar as-Assad, but none of this panned out, but our ever complacent media is still calling him (Obama) a hero. In a nut shell the Poison Ivy League lost and the Putin and everyone else won so be sure to send your kids to those gov’t ran schools and universities which teach the masses nothing but conformity and that it is OK to walk over the cliff on order form our supposed Poison Ivy League Bureaucratic masters. Our CIA Muslim master John Brennan must be so proud, as his pedigree and Gov’t service make him the perfect culture hire at the CIA under the most transparent president America has ever seen. He his the perfect proof you should never trust the CIA, Bush was bad enough but this guy takes selling out the citizen slave to a whole new level.  Word to the masses in any country, never trust the intelligence agencies or the people that work there as they are all for sale to the highest bidder.

Harvard student, 26, Cameron Shenk, an Economics  student (Go Figure a privileged ass) stripped naked and dropped through the women’s bathrooms ceiling. Like all Poison Ivy League students, he must felt he was untouchable like the Bushes and Gores who create Hell on Earth to benefit their own clans. One would thing the DOJ would investigate this connection but then again the DOJ is staffed by Poison Ivy League Grads. I’m I the only one who sees a conflict of interest? I’d ask Congress to investigate but it is useless to have the Congressional Criminal Cartel to investigate their fellow brothers and sisters, after all is one big conflict of interest that only enriches themselves via blackmail.

3,415 New Wonderful World changing Regulations. Now I understand why we need immigration reform to create all those new jobs created thanks to the bureaucrats in DC.

Obama’s new edict raises new questions about benefits for illegal immigrants. My wife, like most legal immigrants, are pissed as they and their spouses had to pay a boat load of money to follow the rules, perhaps an ethical lawyer out there in the real world would like to form a class action lawsuit so we that experienced the gov’t racket (RICO ACT) shakedown can get some of our money back from the fraud they imposed on us all. HHS and the Grand Poison Ivy League Wizards of evil in DC have conspired this all along. We must pass Obamacare, we must decree illegals are free and feel welcome per immigration reform by executive order so the long term slave citizens can pay their medical bills via their confiscated taxes so the dreamers can get free cash to create another dependent class who will vote (D), alive or dead for the next 200 years. All accomplished because Obama was allegedly ‘elected’ to the office of our Presidency. (I’m implying this whole election thing is a charade and so are gov’t statistics as we are lied to every day by the gov’t and her evil allies in the Media (Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, ESPN, etc).

It has been implied that Obama is into guys (Bath House Barry), and this makes sense at it would make him the perfect President, as he would be blackmailed by his supporters. Our Gov’t is also a joke and our masters are all blackmailed by unseen forces (CFR, UN, Bilderberger, etc.). One of Obama’s most vocal supporters and WH guests, Terry Bean and his ex-boyfriend,  was caught with a boy, at a motel in Oregon, and I’m sure this was just his first abuse of an underage boy. The DNC love those pedophiles but in this case it didn’t benefit planned parenthood as two guys can’t make a baby but the DNC loves anything that is anti-family. When the DNC isn’t killing black babies via planned parenthood they are molesting boys and from what I understand the progressives (Democrat and Republicans) in power in all facets of gov’t have been doing this for some time. This is the reason the teacher student sex and sick Catholic priest molestation s are covered up all the time. The police want to help but then they get caught stealing a couple bucks in a drug bust and then they are blackmailed over the rest of their careers to cover-up more heinous crimes by their administrative masters.

Beware my fellow Americans and trust no one, but be especially suspect of those who support the $3,000 incentive to hire illegal immigrants.  This would actually be funny if it didn’t hurt the black community and native born workers more than anyone else. Apparently because of a ‘quirk’ in Obamacare, remember the Supreme bureaucratic Bitch Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it to see what was in it, so this was planned long ago behind the scenes. There is a clause that supports the hiring of illegals so it was implied long ago that this was planned behind the scenes and the  Gruber tapes expose the illegal activities of Congress and the White House.  Obama’s handlers (those that blackmail him  e.g., CFR, Bilderbergers, UN, Poison Ivy League) and all those who happen to make it to Congress are beholden to an evil higher power that isn’t God but his nemeses. So why did Al Franken get elected because fake ballet were found in a union guy’s trunk and he happened to be the 60th vote for Obamacare, why did John Roberts say Obamacare was legit, why is everything planned behind the scenes and everything else is scripted and we plebs watch in awe in the illegality of it all? This Obama EO happened to reduce black market wages and increased African American unemployment rates and reduced their wages by simple economic law but he was supposed to support blacks while bending over backwards to love illegals from the South? This president hates blacks by all his actions because he does what his white Poison Ivy League masters want. The unspoken rule of politics is if you get elected be sure to sell out your own people. Whites do it to Whites, Blacks do it to Blacks, Latinos do it to Latinos and Asians do it as well. The hallmark of any politicians is they have no morals and we will all suffer for their selfish actions.

My fellow American’s no matter your history, connect the dots as this has all been scripted and designed by our NWO Luciferian allied, narcissistic, sick MF who want to unleash Hell on Earth. These people used to reside in Germany, USSR, Cambodia, China and now they are here, thanks to John Dewey and the school system who want nothing but chaos.

God Help Us All,

The Kansas Kracker