10/21/2014: Megan Mahoney (former gym teacher).

10/21/2014: Dena Marie Konrad from Iowa.

10/22/2014: Substitute teacher Symone Greene (22).

10/22/2014: Married math teacher and cheerleading coach, Brooke Hesson. Thankfully she wasn’t charged as a priestess of the Church of the State (aka – public school teacher)

10/22/2014: Ashley Zehnder, 24, Pasadena, TX.

10/22/2014: Michael Allen of Seattle had some issues with a 17 year old.

10/26/2014: Kristen Roush, 34, 8th grade math teacher.

10/28/2014: Michelle Smith White, 37, didn’t practice good judgment. I’m just glad our gov’t officials seemed fit that she was fit to teach children. God Bless the Bureaucrats.

11/03/2014: Joaquim Andrade, an English teacher, and previous teacher of the year couldn’t say no. What the hell is wrong with these people? Why does our loving and benevolent gov’t approve these people to teach our youth?

11/07/2014: Whitney Fair Mullen, 34, likes them young. Again, why would our benevolent gov’t and her bureaucratic minions allow this woman to teach kids? It all has to be part of a bigger NWO devilish plan.

11/10/2014: Sarah Raymo had sex with a 14 year old.

11/11/2014: Lori Ann Anderson and her ex-husband abused her own son. I’m glad the DOE thinks she is stable enough to teach others. This is another win for the DC Bureaucrats who hate ethics but support Marxists issues over family values. So sad that the whores of DC have sunk so low in their standards, but seeing Congress (John B, Mitch M, Nancy P, and Harry R) ethics don’t exist in Satan’s realm.  On the bright side we won’t see them in Heaven.

11/11/2014: David Korsun, Coral Springs, FL.

11/14/2014: Married teacher, Ashley Parkins Pruitt. Seriously, do Gov’t Universities seek out disturbed individuals to become teachers? I see a class action suit in the works.

11/15/2014: Shauna Sims liked a 14 yr old. Where is the outcry of the people? Gov’t sucks as everything they do and you think they can properly educate our children?

11/22/2014: Muslim substitute teacher abuses young boys.  Linda Hardan looks like a convert to ISIS but maybe she is a terrorist who doesn’t look like a terrorist so DHS can look away as not to profile? Who the hell knows? She probably works for the CIA who funds ISIS and she sucks up to Ted Cruz who is a Poison Ivy League plant to screw over the real Americans? I really don’t know as I like Ted Cruz but because he went to Harvard I don’t like him, and the Poison Ivy League only has themselves to blame (ironically their investment portfolio is up, and I wonder why…will the SEC investigate…laugh now).

11/22/2014: We finally have a male pervert so I’m surprised the MSM isn’t all over this, yet then again they don’t cover Public Church ( gov’t ran school) sex scandals. Mark Berndt cost the LA faux taxpayers 140MM because of his sexual escapades. CNN and MSNBC where are you? We need more and bigger gov’t. I wonder how many gov’t bureaucrats and officials are into little boys and girls and how they protect each other under the guise of legality issues?

12/02/2014: Eric Beasley (25) wasn’t a good teacher but was for the State. How the Gov’t isn’t liable for their own stupidity is beyond me.

12/03/2014: Erica Ginnetti (34), and married mother of 3 had sex with a 17 year old. I for one am glad our gov’t can rely on stable and honest individuals to educate our youth. I’m so glad our State Dept and their leaders like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton can represent us overseas when the DOE can’t do shit.

12/03/2014: Jenna Leahey (33) likes 16 yr olds. The bitch is crazy. Look at her eyes and this is why our gov’t wants people like her to teach our youth as this post proves they certify these crazy people in mass, via university standards. This basically proves college is worthless.

12/05/2014: I hope I didn’t miss anyone as I’d hurt their feelings and I’d feel obligated to give a sexual predator a purple ribbon with the government blessing. That being said, Danielle Watkins, another gov’t certified teacher had an 8 month affair with a student, and she is married with two kids.

What the hell happened to this Country? I know, the Gov’t and her Poison Ivy League Graduate friends who love chaos and family destruction.

Unlike the whores in DC, I ask for peace on Earth and goodwill to all. Please remember these are DOE gov’t certified teaches that want to destroy the family structure above all else. Most teachers don’t know it but they are cogs in a very destructive game. It is time to destroy DC so the USA can return to normalcy.

The Kansas Kracker