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In Lena Dunham’s book, Not that Kind of Girl she accused ‘Barry One’ of rape. It has now come out that ‘Barry One’ is a pseudonym. Obviously, Lena Dunham is a literary giant,, like Jane Austen, and I believe she was too embarrassed to admit that she was foreshadowing about a man who also goes by the pseudonym of Barry, when it is convenient, as on his quest he continuously rapes Lady Liberty along with his cronies John B, Nancy P, Harry R, Mitch M and others. It is a destructive orgy like in A Clockwork Orange but one is a movie and the other is happening in real life. Granted, this is just my less fortunate white trash opinion, as I wasn’t ‘fortunate’ enough to go to private school, let alone a university, like many of our DC masters and their children.

New York bureaucrats block FREE medical care at the Javits Center. You see only the Almighty Gov’t and her bureaucrats allow those that play ball, meaning grease the skids of gov’t by making contributions to a reelection campaign are allowed to help the masses.

Anonymous shuts down Florida Gov’t website after ban on feeding the homeless or less unfortunate as Obama would say. I got to say I like this group most of the time.

Womb-to-Workforce data mining scheme and that is the purpose of schools (gov’t churches) today. Remember, Hillary in her one honest moment, said something to the effect, “When they walk through those doors they belong to us.” Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao would be so proud of the Communist Country the USA has turned into, thanks to our benevolent gov’t officials all schools in the Alinsky/Marx way.

Eight EPA staffers linked to ‘alleged serious misconduct’ agency reveals. It looks like they will still get paid if they continue to vote (D), as they can continue with their Socialist duty to help expand Uncle Sam’s boot imprint across the neck of more American slaves.

I’ve always like Charles Barkley as he just tells it as it is. I only wish all our politicians acted and spoke with clarity like Charles, but instead they continue to sodomize us with bullshit.

Just came across www.memeorandum.com and it is a great daily go to site I’m going to enjoy for a long time to come.

Obama presses Congress for $6.1 Billion in new funding for Ebola, as gov’t and her Big Pharma allies boast about first sign of vaccine success. Sounds like the whole Ebola scare was just a Gov’t/Media set-up to quietly fund big Pharma and more vaccines to feed the little ones. I’m also pretty sure a few dollars will make into the next election cycle, as a rigged market system requires a lot of kickbacks.

An audit shows that the taxpayers paid $25k for an eco-group’s Christmas party and $11k for premium coffee service. When they write the demise of the USA, I hope this gets at least mentioned in the footnotes.

The Grinch called the University of Maine. I love how academia always talks about diversity but never means it at it always demeans only Christians and no other religions. Colleges and Universities are becoming a complete waste of time and money and they have only themselves to blame because of their hypocrisy.

In typical bureaucratic hypocrisy, Copenhagen Climate Change conference produces huge amounts of CO2 while they wine and dine on the taxpayer dimes so they can enforce more taxes on those that actually produce. I believe Conservative and Libertarians have been saying this all along while the MSM, academia and gov’t have called us ignorant.

Harvard professor who blasted Chinese restaurant that overcharged him $4 had also attacked sushi joint after a Groupon dispute. I bet this guy votes Democrat as those people are just complete assholes (see Congress and their alumni), anyone that works or have graduated from a Poison Ivy League school all feel entitled to the world and all she has to offer.

The Kansas Kracker