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My fellow American’s don’t worry the elite are in control.

HHS is living high on the hog.

The world is dying because of people, but not our politicians who exempt themselves of all evils.

The gov’t hates preppers who don’t believe their lordly masters.

The mayor of Rotterdam, a Muslim, actually says what the Poison Ivy League and Oxford pussies don’t have the balls to say. I tip my hat to you and the new president of Egypt who didn’t bow to the West and their corporate interest. Egypt President Sisi pisses off the West and of course Obama and the criminals in the US State Department. Mark Levin posted Sisi’s speech which unites rather than divides so our politicians hate him as they continue to kill and steal assets from people across the Maghreb under the illusion of the Arab Spring. This has London and the Romanov’s all over again. Fund revolutionaries to steal assets which London and NY/DC excel at while pretending to be the source of democracy. Here in American we are slaves and our masters want to make the global people slaves as well.

This guy should be a school teacher as he knocked up his ‘secretary’ and was a Democrat and became a Libertarian and still got elected. America’s excellent schools and of course the MSM have pulled the wool over all our eyes to make us idiots and this election only proves my point. Good Night America as we slip further into stupidity.  Virginia is ran by idiots and we only have DC to thank for our current state of affairs.

Not to be outdone by DC, the bureaucrats in Maryland say kids shouldn’t become adults unless they are certified by gov’t idiots. Even in Maryland the cops have been roped in to scare children into the horrors of society that their bosses created. Now we have to harass parents who do the right thing, but this scares the State and hear minions who are afraid they aren’t needed. This is the only reason this is news as at first the MSM thought it would make the State look good but in reality it makes the State look sad and out of date. Maybe we don’t need States, the US. Gov’t, the IRS, the EPA, the broke Treasury Dept. Maybe at the end of the day we don’t need Gov’t at all. Europe is experiencing this as we speak.

Speaking of why we don’t need gov’t, Senator (aka Criminal) Diane Feinstein’s husband is making a small mint off no bid contracts thanks to his connected wife. And that kids is how you make money in this sick world.

Speaking of crony capitalism and Diane Feinsten:ttp://hotair.com/archives/2009/04/21/feinstein-routes-government-money-to-firm-doing-business-with-husband/

The World is a Fucked Up Place and is Stacked Against Us All (Thanks to the US Gov’t)

The Kansas Kracker