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I’m a little late as I’ve been busy so my sincerest apologies as these are the final two of 2014. A crowing achievement of those the gov’t certifies to teach and be around young children on a daily basis. We are screwed and God Bless those who have been harmed by these evil people. After this post I’m going to post the long list of 2014.

12/15/2014: At Ash Grove a high school a teacher named William Nathan Herrington (34) couldn’t keep his hand off a girl half his age. With all the gov’t tests conducted today how did he become a teacher or more than likely these are the people John Dewey wanted. Think about it America this list is way too long and these things are planned and don’t happen by accident.

12/22/2014:  Christopher Wheeler (54), an ex-Delaware headmaster at Tower Hill is found guilty of dealing child pornography.