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I tried to type this up earlier and my browser crashed so either Time Warner or IE fucked me over, but both are government agents masquerading as legitimate business interests, just like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

We long ago became slaves and not citizens and that is why I named this blog and this website (www.bureaucraticslave.com) what I did. I’m tired of pretending and since GHB this is all pretend. TPTB tried to get rid of Reagan but he lived but since then this thing we call life has been nothing but an engineered joke. Once you realize that the better off you’ll be. Trust nothing, especially the MSM and yes that include Foxnews or Fauxnews (as the ‘left’ calls it) or any of the other alphabet news networks or agencies who are controlled by the same interests.

Did Albert Villalobos commit suicide or was he forced to die to protect the establishment? I guess the game must go on!

In Argentina did the same thing happened to Alberto Nisman? Only a fool would believe he committed suicide but then again our media didn’t investigate Vince Foster but then again they don’t investigate Benghazi. I’m sure the MSM and search engines will push this to the back burner as soon as possible on orders from upon high, after all they invented these profit machines. Will Interpol investigate?  Will the world ever know or will it be swept under the rug like everything else? We truly live in a Alice in Wonderland world where the gov’t and the media create the narrative and schools and academia reinforce the lie with certified textbooks. I’m glad I grew up did you?

I forgot to mention Davos and the conspiracy of all the elitist University shit heads who a made a fortune off their blackmail of gov’t officials while they flew in on their private jets to complain about global warming and the scam they created. If Davos doens’t work they have their Bilderberger conference paid for by the taxpayers as these people hate to spend their own money on the global scams they create (aka Al Gore). We are suckers to buy into their BS why they rape every generation on their tax schemes and sucker us into their global goals. The enemy is not religion but rather gov’t and academia herself, as they try and get the peasants to kill oneanother. That is the get rich scheme. Either know a gov’t official or beat them at their own game so they have to absorb you. If that doesn’t work blackmail them with pictures. That is the best way to get rich and if I could put in 22 minutes you’d see me on late night TV.

Speaking of worthless bureaucrats (aka local dictators) who spread hatred and lies. This couple obviously pissed off a boring and irrelevant person by parking their vehicle in their driveway. My fellow Americans, if you value your freedom never live in an HOA unless you are on the verge of death in Florida. The people that run these things are awful and aspire to become Congress people who lord over how you tie your shoes in an ergonomically correct way. Next thing you know they’ll tell you what you can look at when you masturbate, which might be a picture of Pelosi and Reid. Then again maybe this is what the pharmaceutical companies are banking on to sell their colored hard-on pills. Devious to say the least, but if that is the case I tip my hat to your thought process.

Speaking of pharmaceutical companies and Obamacare, which they wrote, know they are limiting cough syrup in Cali. What is next, limiting cancer drugs to save on social security and Medicare payouts to the elderly?  Bingo, that has been the reason all along, kill those we promised benefits too but the bureaucrats and the political elite are exempt (aka The Poison Ivy League Grads). I just realized this but the Poison Ivy League  (PIL) is  a lot like the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The coincidences don’t just end there, they, like the twin siblings of Socialism (Communism and Fascism) hate Jews, which is a common denominator except they embrace sellouts like Soros and Marx. Damn, history really does repeat itself.

Bryant Gumbel hates the NRA and calls them pigs who hate human life but I’m sure he is a big DNC supporter who is proud of the racist Margaret Sanger and her Planned Parenthood branches that are liberally littered throughout the DNC created and controlled areas (ghettos) of cities within the US for the only purpose to control elections. Then again he is fortunate and lives in a gated community and/or has armed guards so his hypocrisy is expected, which makes him the perfect Democrat voter. So I’ll say, Bryant, guns are around and are a benefit to America so the 100+ million government sanctioned murders that occurred in China, Cambodia, Germany (Europe) and Russia, whose ‘leaders’ are all connected to the West via academia and her corporate and government allies over the last century doesn’t’ happen again because of an over zealous executive branch. Apparently Bryant Gumbel, like Joe Buck and other government controlled MSM stooges don’t understand the definition of hypocrisy and should run for office so they can be blackmailed by the FBI/CIA/DIA/NATO/UN because that is how you get high paying jobs in the US today. Blackmail isn’t illegal it its expected and respected in DC, NY, and Brussels. Plus you can get a good State Department gig.

The Kansas Kracker