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Don’t worry the State loves you and only wants to steal from you. Your labor isn’t enough if you make more money than Uncle Sam and his 50 siblings think you should, as the 4th amendment is irrelevant under our current gov’t regime that has existed for far too long. Your money and smarts belong to Uncle Sam and you have to prove otherwise, then by default you are into drugs and we will take your money and divvy the civil asset forfeiture amongst our legal abiding friends.  The whole thing is a conspiracy that should be prosecuted under the RICO statues which they use to steal all the time. The funny thing is UNCLE SAM and her 50 siblings are the biggest thief’s ever known on the face of the Earth. Don’t worry it will never show up in the State/Federal sanctioned schooling text books which honor State theft over individual accomplishments. Freedom and Liberty are dead and the State proves it every day. Wake up America the benevolent State is not your friend on the contrary it is your enemy.  You may ironically have more in common with ISIS than you know and it pains me to say it. Osama bin Laden and Congress/CIA have as much in common as me, you and ISIS and that is the definition of irony.

Speaking of the State stealing assets out of greed, The DOJ tracked cars so they could conspire with local cops to steal personal property. Government greed and jealousy is a horrible thing.

Speaking of worthless bureaucracies let us take a minute to acknowledge the overbearing gov’t schools (On a side note whenever a country conquers another why do they always first establish schools?  – that is rhetorical). To answer is so they can control the narrative of history. Every country experiences this including the US and their false narratives of such wonderful assholes as Woodrow Wilson and FDR.  To the rest of the world I’m sorry our progressive masters don’t allow for the true history of these pricks and that is why American’s are so ignorant. It isn’t our fault it is our gov’t ran schools who ironically taught Mao and Pol Pot, which isn’t taught in our schools either, rather we like teacher on student sex like the Catholic Church and Muslim theology justifying such sick acts. After all our schools are nothing more than State approved churches that teach Government is god.  Why did I include this rant? Read this, as after all Uncle Sam knows best and if not him then the EU or the UN. Just remember this, fathers are the best thing for the family and that is why bureaucrats want to destroy fathers throughout the globe so all courts and other gov’t programs look to destroy them. Just look at America and what the DNC has done to the black community. So sad but they’ll never learn that their masters are their destroyers.

Seattle is trying to fine residents for throwing away their food trash. Got to love the Left Coast Nanny State. Freedom died long before I thought it did.  .

To all you leftist out there who said Obamacare was wonderful, then why does it cost 50K per enrolled person? I thought per our propaganda media, Congress and whores like Obama it was supposed to save money ($2,500)? Gov’t is the greatest fraud ever created and all her minions should be in jail, but then again I bet the Healthcare lobbyists are enjoying their windfall for buying off a few sellouts (sellouts a noun and the definition of a politician)

Even Hitler provides more sense than our gov’t controlled media. ..http://safeshare.tv/w/jyeqLxShwx the ‘bronze’ plan is shit.  With Obama I’m surprised the Jews aren’t only eligible for Gold Star plans that only include showers after they give over all their worldly possessions. American ‘Intellectuals’ (like Bush, Obama, Gore and other Poison Ivy League Grads – see how 2 out of 3 are Dems, actually all 3 or 4 oh No it is them all) belong to the protected political class like the other world academia elites from the UK who should be on board as their first grievance is always against those Jews (Joos) and Israel, who I might add I respect with all my heart (except Soros, Marx and now Timmerman of Argentina who  must be a Soros protégée)  after all they do all they can for peace before unloading their might to say leave us alone.

God, please bless this world and not the politicians

The Kansas Kracker