A New Year and new Victims, so sad: I was going to publish this monthly but the list was so big that I’m only going to do it when these sad numbers get large enough. It pains me to publish this but I’m just trying to show how gov’t bureaucrats fuck up all our lives and unfortunately it starts with their control of education. I don’t want to ruin these peoples lives more than they already have been but they are supreme examples of bureaucratic stupidity and our blind faith in gov’t.

1/1/2015: Married mother of two, and English teacher Nicole McDonough of Mount Olive, NJ, is arrested for having sex with an 18 year old student. English teachers seem to make a higher percentage of the teachers having sex with their students. Perhaps the government should fund a study why their certified teachers are having carnal relations with their pupils.  After that they could fund a study on why politicians lie and how the government steals via legislation on the behalf of the lobbyist and corporations who fund them to write said legislation. I won’t hold my breath and neither should you…

1/6/2015: Tenisha Dixon of Anclote high school in Holiday, FL, had sex with an underage student.

1/8/2015: Another English teacher, honors at that, Kinsley Wentzky, learned her fate from a rendezvous with a couple of former students from 2011 and 2012. Thank you www.freedomoutpost.com for continuing to follow this gov’t imposed sickness that they have imposed upon the children of America.

1/10/2015: Danielle Watkins made my list last July and now she shows up for a second time. I’m glad the future of our nation in the hands of government certified teachers.

1/10/2015: Jessica Bonnett Acker, a teacher from Alabama had sex with a student after recently being married.

Her alma mater like all the others, I’m sure all certified by the State and her many gov’t bureaucrats, are extremely proud of her/their sexual achievements considering they certified her and the others to hang around children and still be professional. They are all the ones ultimately responsible but think about it, the State has her gentle hand in all of these cases. Then again the State despises morals and probably condones this behavior, just look at our political class today and dare to disagree.

1/13/2015:  An Indiana gym teacher, Jake Robinson (37) had sex with a girl 45 – 50 times. The ironic part is this winner in society still lives with his parents. I’m sure some leftist organization will bestow an honor upon him for screwing over some young girl whose life is now ruined. Hell, the DNC will probably call it the Jake Robinson legislation of consensual teacher student sex and it will be funded by Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars. What a country.

1/14/2015: Sarah O’Neil (23), a former English teacher at Church Farm School in Exton, Pennsylvania, had a 10 month affair with a 16 year old student at this prestigious $35k a year boarding school. This sickness isn’t only in the public schools, it exists everywhere. Note again an English teacher.

1/15/2015: Married teacher Stuart Kerner (44) took the virginity of a 16 year old in the UK. Glad to see the Americans aren’t the only one suffering under this government mandated sickness. Of course their Prince Andrew is alleged to have had an underage American as a sex slave (Virginia Roberts), but for the rich and powerful around the world this has been fair game for a long time, now the teachers are pushing in on their former subjects.

1/17/2015: Barstow STEM academy principal Mark Hassell (35), who is married, is accused of having sex with a 17 year old.

1/18/2015: Two female teachers, Melody Lippert (38) and Michelle Ghirelli arrested for having sex with students on a California beach. There is nothing like throwing away your career for 2 minutes of fun to relive your high school days and be the ‘popular’ teacher(s). I’m so glad the State and her bureaucrats are in charge of everything, like certifying crazy government educated teachers, aren’t you too?

1/18/2015: A possible future government certified social workers career is ruined. Brandi Edwards, at a school for troubled teens in Chicago had sex with one of her 16 year old clients, I mean students. This may have ruined her hopes of social work but then again this is Chicago so she still has a chance in politics. I and I hope my millions of followers will watch her career closely. Perhaps one day she’ll end up in the White House if she happened to live in Indonesia as a child and then was enrolled in several prestigious colleges but never attended class but still passed with glowing reviews and honors. If this is the case perhaps she is just another CIA operative who happened to live in Chicago for a time, and if we are lucky she’ll even be a selected, I mean elected, to be a member of our honest and prestigious CONgress, which all Americans look up to and respect.

1/23/2015: Waris Grant (37) a 4th grade teacher was arrested after offering a 16 year old cash for oral sex.

1/23/2015: Teacher blasts students for kissing and telling.

3/3/2015:  To reference the link above they offered not just sex but drugs. Yeah for gov’t schools.

1/23/2015: Eric Estes, a former major league pitcher, pleads guilty to abusing a 15 year old.  The bigger question is are there other victims?

1/24/2015: Daresa Poe (32) a sex ‘educator’ had sex with a student in the teacher’s lounge. Way to go Daresa you are a prime example of the gov’t certified teacher and you are a pedophile. You should either be a politician or a royal.

1/25/2015: Maris Gonzales (23) found straddling a 15 yr old student. The picture says it all.

1/27/2015: Kandace Christopher (26) teacher/coach was arrested for having sex w/one of her female students. She is LGTB so it must be OK, just look the other way. (This is a new cheer in High Schools across America). I’m OK with the lifestyle, just not people in authority forcing it on students whom they lord over via State mandates.

1/27/2015:  Michael Landreth (24) teacher/coach is accused of sex with a male student since last September. See above about authority and how State certified teachers are hired to commit crimes. I’m sure the punishment will be minimal since he is a servant of the State and teaching the new age UN approved curriculum.

2/4/2015: Michelle Ladd (41) had sex with two 17 year old students.

2/6/2015: Darcy Smith (41) and former teacher of the year in 2012 is accused of having sex w/a former student who lived with the family.

2/7/2015: At Sherwood High School in Cass County, MO, a 2nd grade teacher and a 17 year old had a relationship. I don’t have more as apparently it has been hushed up.

2/9/2015: New York substitute teacher Maria Contreras (29) was arrested for having sex with a mentally ill 14 year old. Just remember the ‘State’ certified her or allowed her into the classroom. The State and her minions allow all these people (mostly women) to give these extracurricular instructions without certification. That is this whole point of these posts, is the bureaucrats allow this to happen and then say so what that is life. This has to be stopped. Sex is one thing but Teacher/under age student sex is another. This isn’t college.

2/11/2015: Spanish teacher Whitney Fetters (28) was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old.  

2/17/2015: Mother of 2, NJ teacher Nicole DuFault (35) is indicted for having sex with six students under the age of sixteen. Who won’t the government approve to teach children? The whole system is sick as we never hear from the ‘good’ teachers who speak out against such sick actions.

2/21/2015: Math teacher Megan Connors (30) had sex with a 15 year old pupil multiple times, say police. Did she want to relive prom in a couple of years? The food and music both suck but she was stuck in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. Why? Why? Why? I hope there is a psychological profile book that comes out that examines why these people want to have sex with such young people and why the State constantly certifies them to become teachers. There has to be a correlation for these actions.

2/28/2015: Leah Garmany a mother of two from Centre, Alabama was arrested for ‘sexual abuse & electronic solicitation of a minor’.

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