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To my millions of followers I apologize for taking some time off, I was hoping the world would improve but I was way wrong. Also, blogging is cheaper than therapy’s co-pays and now thanks to Obamacare the prices went up and my allotted time went down.

In Hong Kong they want the people to act like sheep so this must be what a politician/bureaucrat’s wet dream is like.

State Department official Daniel Rosen, was arrested on suspicion of seeking sex w/a minor. This is a perfect example of a bureaucrat who thinks he/she is entitled to whatever they want, laws be damned. I’m glad he was caught but now he probably qualifies to become a teacher. Unaccountable bureaucrats and their actions will be the fall of us all.

Thank God HHS & the murdering progressives will provide abortions to our newest arrivals. It is a human right after all, just not for the murdered baby. Then again these lost souls are nothing but sacrifices to honor the Progressive deity, Satan.

Amnesty ‘beneficiaries’ could claim $35k in tax ‘benefits’. This makes sense after all as it is very expensive to buy votes which is illegal, unless you are Obama and the DNC which will promptly exempt themselves from the laws they passed for the rest of us peons. Or as Phyllis Schlafly points out it is an audacious scheme for winning future elections…duh! I’m not making fun of Phyllis for pointing out the obvious I’m just surprised our worthless media doesn’t have the cajones to just come out and say what we all already know. Our media like our Gov’t is worthless but then again they work together to screw us all over, so perhaps we should boycott them both, like we should with Facebook.

Why you ask should we boycott Facebook (Full disclosure: I don’t have an account anyway with the NSA), because they suspended CJ Pearson’s (a wonderful young black kid) account, for daring to tell the emperor he has no clothes. DNC uber ally Facebook probably has some rogue employees in Cincinnati who made this decision on their own. Got to love how the Democrats and her allies suppress young blacks who wonder off the planation. What is next? Are Democrats going to go after Israel/Jews? Oh wait…

Susan Rice call Bibi’s planned visit destructive because like all Democrats they are racists or bigots who hate ‘free’ people.

MSM, Obama/DNC allies, refuse to carry Benjamin Netanyauh’s speech in an act of solidarity tyranny with the White House and the other Democrat bigots/racists. I guess the KKK is making a comeback. Not only hating on Jews but also Republican blacks, who they lynched in masses.

Nancy Pelosi shows Democrat class by walking out. What is this? The  South in the 60’s when the Democrats got their panties in a bunch?

Feds and local ‘law’ enforcement raid a Texas meeting of patriots who assembled violating their 1st amendment rights and then taking their fingerprints, pictures and phones. Their were more LEO here than at any DNC sponsored occupy Wall Street protest. I bet these people are on to something the bureaucrats/politicians are afraid might catch on and destroy their rackets.

The Gateway Pundit (check this site daily) also covers this DOJ approved raid. The last time the Feds raided some framed people in Texas they killed a lot of innocent people in WACO (Where are the doors the DOJ/FBI lost, where are the media inquiries, ha ha ha ?).

We covered the dictators so now to the witches…

Hillary Clinton (need I say more?)  loves ‘net neutrality’ so she and the political elite who wrote it can crush dissent with the help of Google and Facebook, both NSA/CIA/Poison Ivy League created businesses created to spy and collected data on the suppressed classes (lower and middle).

Hillary violated the law again but nothing will be done as she is an untouchable elite. I’m sure the MSM will investigate with perhaps Brian Williams since they fired all their real reporters who wanted to find out the truth?

Finally the lost Lois Lerner’s emails were found. I find it funny that she is rewarded by the IRS with 129k in bonuses for violating peoples rights but the people are subject to her and the DNC/Washington bureaucrats machines whims. Isn’t great to live in a ‘free’ country where the criminals run free and the free are enslaved.

The Kansas Kracker