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Illegals to receive Social Security credit for time served. I guess we should just believe their time clock sheets as it isn’t like they broke the law coming here. Then again the law is only for the little people and we should concern ourselves with the elite and their political pawns. (Buying elections are expensive)

NAACP battles Latino (wait are they not coloured?) group over push to open public schools for non-English speakers. This is just the DNC throwing blacks under the bus yet again to their new favourite group of the moment to exploit. Buying elections are expensive.

Illegals are eligible for $1.3 Trillion in ‘retirement’ benefits. The USA is broke and has unfunded liabilities North of 200 Trillion but then again buying elections are expensive.

Now for the rest of the Story:

George Will nails it yet again in the IRS Pattern of Corruption Continues. Lois Lerner has a history of suppressing conservatives like any good brownshirt (NAZI) and that makes her a perfect bureaucrat. Please people remember Socialists come with both swastikas and hammers and sickles and America they hide behind their donkey, though some RINOS choose the elephant.

An American blogger was hacked to death in Bangladesh. I guess I won’t be going there but I guess the Muslims and Obama (probably a closet Muslim which the MSM won’t investigate, like many things about our current Poison Ivy League Asshole in Charge (PILAIC)) have one thing in common they don’t take criticism very well at all.

On a brighter note De Blasio, the current NYC mayor added Muslim holidays to the school calendar in NYC. After all the Constitution only said Church and State not Mosque and State. I’m sure our Supreme Constitutional Scholar in the WH opined on this or Valerie Jarrett. If a religion’s tenants and whole being is to support the State then it must be OK and must be granted a free pass. Fuck Thomas Jefferson that dumb ass of a president and his writings, he was so ignorant compared to our current crop of Poison Ivy League Assholes in Charge (PILAIC). PILAIC kind of sound like a terrorist group now that I think of it.

Robert Menendez will be brought up on criminal charges. The last mention of this was 13 days ago and I love how the MSM, Faux News, CNN and the peddlers of BS publishers have been silent since then. It is all a game of theatre and Bobby here is being thrown to the wolves because of his favourite appetite.

I wonder when Harry Reid will face the firing squad for acting like Santa Claus to his preferred donors. Wait, you mean DC is full of corruption and justice and tax breaks can be bought for a price? I thought Justice was BLIND, I’ve even seen the statue of Orwellian propaganda magnitude. Our court system and gov’t is nothing more than a cartel of corruption, just like the EU and the UN. I wonder when the schools will tell the truth, probably after they stop sleeping with their students.

Apparently in Madison, Wisconsin, the home of a bunch of dumbass Union loving teachers they hate their union cop brothers. The nonthinking teacher union members called all cops bastards because of some self defense shootings so since they single out a few then I’d say all teachers are pedophiles. Trust me there is a longer list of sick teachers who sleep with underage students than cops who get crucified by the media. Check my collection at http://www.bureaucraticslave.com (shameless plug) or Iheartmyteacher.org or www.wnd.com. There are bad cops/FBI/ATF/CIA(that was funny) personal and they should police themselves but so should gov’t certified teachers. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Then again these are teachers and they have no idea of what happens in the real world. Just like government bureaucrats, but then again we are all their slaves. (www.bureaucraticslave.com)

Clarence Thomas is again lynched, tarred and feathered by white ignorant academic leftists.

Only 1/3rd of uninsured Americans got coverage under Obamacare and HHS won’t say how many actually bought gov’t forced policies. Our country is turning into not only a joke but Putin is getting sexual pleasure and Obama, Congress and large corporations are front and center in this worthless porn video. By the way, where did that worthless gov’t bureaucrat bitch from Kansas go, Kathleen Sebilus?I thought she broke the law, where is the InJustice Department? Oh wait protecting the illegal activities of the DC insiders club. Where are the MSM journalists from the PILAIC – PIL for short? Oh yeah they are protecting their fellow alumni. What a free country we live in. ha ha ha but now we have FREE healthcare for all…buying elections though illegal is expensive.

Speaking of bureaucrats I wonder where 125Billion went? (It went to the NWO and the PILAIC (PIL) terrorist group which when buying people’s votes with other people’s money (OPM) you need the IRS and Lois Lerner to help rig election results with the help of the MSM lackeys. You need free phones, cable and other utilities and let us not forget free rent. Remember buying elections is expensive.

I’ll leave my fellow six following patriots on a high note.

Al Gore  says we need to punish climate change deniers.  He would have made a great SS officer like most democrats.

But let us continue down this path as there is Hope:

US sets new record for denying, censoring gov’t files. This meets the doublespeak definitions Orwell layed out in 1984.God Bless the left for giving new meaning to the word, Transparency.

the lies end now according to zerohedge.com and Transparency is the greatest lie of the Obama administration has bestowed upon America, but then again he is a member of the PIL, like Clinton, GHB and GWB. All things are connected and never believe the MSM or her allies in the gov’t.

I’ll leave you on a high note and America hates her overlords and her MSM lying thieves. Even after forced K-12 indoctrination people don’t believe in their lying masters in gov’t and this is a great thing.

The Kansas Kracker

God Bless