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Mystery royal was part of a suspected pedophile ring and then the investigation was squashed for ‘national security’ reason, what a great out they’ve created for themselves. There are rules for those who write them (none) and then we little people are subject to their decrees. Many VIPs around the world are sick perverts but remain untouchable for the laws they write for the little citizen subjects. This global cartel (NWO) of deceit is disgusting  and one has to wonder which politicians, judges, titans of business and political elites have been caught in their web of blackmail and evil.

Why work for a living when the government treats you like dukes and duchesses on the taxpayers dime? In Virginia vote buying is alive and well as Section 8 housing is putting up the poor in luxury apartments with pools and wine cellars (Mad Dog is better chilled). Really, what does this tell people, that hard work, intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge is pointless in today’s society where it is race vs. race and the middleclass vs. the poor as the rich and political class hide from the masses behind their gated communities. I guess it is the logical conclusion once the CFR and the Poison Ivy League elites selected their horse (BO) to win it all in the last theatrical election process.

Officials in Florida back off land restriction thanks to property-rights watchdog. The headline could also read…Bureaucrats mess up and then try and extort $ from productive citizens. Sometimes the court system still works so there is still hope for this country and the good people (bureaucraticslaves) who are extorted everyday by the Leviathan.

FEMA does zero good work and now they are extorting States at the behest of Obama and the DNC. FEMA targets climate change skeptic governors and threaten to withhold funding to their States if they don’t act according to the Hitler/Mao/Stalin/BO/UN/Agenda 21’s directives. God, I love living in a free country. FEMA is just another out of control alphabet soup agency controlled by the Dems (IRS/EPA/DOJ/ATF/FBI come to mind) extorting money and wealth form Uncle Sam’s citizen bureaucraticslaves. Climate change is just the new religious dogma of the Left, so much for separation of church and State.

Speaking of the Left and their Church, UCLA just lost their case against a heretic professor who questioned the DNC/DC inquisition against actual scientists and researchers. It is amazing how the Vatican and the DNC have so much in common. The Catholic Church has monasteries for monks, Islam has Madrassas for Imams  and the Government has taxpayer funded monasteries called universities for professor and the Left and her media allies still thinks their is a separation of church and State. My next link proves my point…

Hillary ‘Cankles’ Clinton speaks and answers zero questions at an ‘excellence in journalism’ conference. Professors are the Cardinals, Journalists are the Bishops and Teachers are the Priests of the Church of the State. Separation of Church and State is an illusion as there is no separation of the church of state and their master Satan, as both the God of good and purveyor of evil have their institutions and followers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a DNC sponsored hate group like the KKK, La Raza and the NAACP (they like to cover all groups) has published a list of States with the most hate groups and they all voted for BO in 2012. The only thing the Left produces in abundance and efficiency is death, hate and taxes (their holy triumvirate, 3 in 1, their holy trinity). I love to use the Left’s  own research against their own perceived causes. My favourite is we hate the death penalty for convicted murderers but support abortion on demand. The SPLC hates pro-life groups and calls them hate groups, but the irony is not lost on the Kansas Kracker.

Finally, tonight I’ll leave you with Paul Watson’s article from www.infowars.com, Feds urge banks to call cops on withdrawals over $5k. Why, so the cops can steal more of our money/wealth over false pretenses in their never ending war against citizens (aka bureaucraticslaves) because they may buy a car, bullets, moonshine alcohol, gold, silver, drugs, artistic porn or perhaps pictures of bureaucrats or politicians with animals or young children for blackmail purposes to extort taxpayer funds for infrastructure projects that benefit society. If the DOJ (Department of inJustice) cared about ‘justice’ then they’d investigate Eric Holder’s shakedown of HSBC and the DOJ’s gun running of which know one has gone to jail. If you want a to investigate a scandal where did the $1.9B the DOJ extorted (maybe rightly) from HSBC go? Back to HSBC or to the NWO coffers, as after all HSBC came about because of drugs. FDR’s family  fortune came from these ill begotten drug funds but you won’t read that in your gov’t  provided textbook or how the Clinton’s or Bush’s profited from past sins and foreign alliances. Isn’t this the purpose of the Poison Ivy League and their English Oxford and Cambridge masters. The War was won in different means, via debt and taxes (16th amendment) the English control it all.

Fuck The Crown

God Bless

The Kansas Kracker

Who to vote for? Ted Cruz went to the Poison Ivy League so he can’t be trusteed but he may be the best we have amongst the Den of Criminals (DC).