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It is no secret the Bureacraticslave/Kansas Kracker doesn’t like Obama, but he didn’t like Bush either, and has far as he knows he is the only one who has linked the end of the world to Harvard and her Poison Ivy League sisters. It is a conspiracy that no worthless journalist will touch as they have debts that need to be paid. They after all whores like the rest of us that have to live, so I really don’t blame them, but journalist schools should be outlawed for being State sponsored whores.

A Cornell dean says ISIS is welcomed on campus. James O’Keffe does great work as far as modern ‘journalist’ do work. He could never work for a MSM outfit that actually reported the truth. Obama, Bush, and Clinton via Oxford all seem to be to be doing Satan’s work on Earth to bring out the end of civilization. Obama is going gung ho on steroids in the Middle East (ME), with Valerie Jarrett’s Persian heritage. I wonder who is pulling the stings in the WH. Is it the gay boy or the Persian from Chicago. Considering the US is drooling to give them the bomb then I think we all know and Yemen is a test ground. Got to love those Democrats who love to participate in World Wars and I notice Code Pink and other leftist organizations are silent when their controlled boy is in office. I apologize to the rest of the world on the behalf of Americans for the actions of the few Poison Ivy League grads that control everything along with London. We hate them as much as you do, and I’m sorry for their actions. If you can think of getting rid of them, we Americans are all ears as our legislative and judicial branches are silent thanks to the NSA, CIA, DEA, and FBI who are all on the take. Ironically, most are from the Poison Ivy League branch but the DOJ is silent as they protect their fellow brothers and sisters in this conspiracy.

A DC bureaucrat’s bad parking goes viral. I include this to show how the other half lives from us slaves. I’m sure she will be punished.

DEA agents feast on prostitutes thanks to their drug producing friends in Columbia. Isn’t ironic how the DEA and the cartels got all cozy when the USA’s ‘War on Drugs’ got geared up and the preferred clients get preferential treatment from those who pay to play, all because of the Poison Ivy League connection like FDR and his families heroin connection to the Far East and HSBC. Ironic and coincidence are two words that come to msind about the hypocrisy of what  the government tells us and what they do and whom they protect. You can’t trust a Poison Ivy League (PIL) grad and that is why I don’t trust Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, nor the government’s fake war on drug. The whole thing is a sham to enrich the politically protected few.

It is no different than the unaccountable Hilary Clinton wiping her server and  the silence from the left and her media allies. Even Nixon didn’t go to her extremes but the left is silent. It is kind of like the IRS lying about Ms. Lerner’s emails and the numerous  lies coming from DC on a daily basis.

It is kind of like Bush is for war (and I hated him) but Obama has given us war throughout the ME and the MSM and Code Pink are silent, where is  Cindy Sheehan. Conspiracy? Now we know that the USA (Obama and Valerie Jarrett) is working for the Iranians and not even the NYTIMES can connect the dots. I’m not really shocked about the lies.

I just love how the left hates war but their puppets were ironically in place at the beginning of WW1 and WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and today, let alone the War on Drugs and Poverty, with the latter to enslave the American citizen subjects. Now we have Obama starting about his eighth war in the Maghreb and the Middle East (Levant) and the Left and her hypocritical allies are nothing but silent, which isn’t shocking as they love death above all other things in life. (Didn’t they  give their love to Satan last year?)

The Kansas Kracker

God Bless Us all