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I love all people I just hate all Government’s so does that make me a rebel or a common man? I take comfort that I’m a political minority without all the government mandated benefits designed to buy votes with the blessing of the blackmailed judicial class.

The Obama’s administration rolls back transparency once again. Us Slaves only feed the Leviathan and the Poison Ivy League directives.

Apple’s Tim Cook plans to cut business w/Indiana but will still do business w/gay hating countries.  Leftists and their hypocrisy knows no bounds but of course this whole Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) brouhaha against Mike Pence and Indiana is nothing but designed politics to hate on Christians.  Of course Apple won’t say anything about Muslims or Jews as they love Muslim countries that kill gays but decide to hate on Indiana thanks to the White House and the DNC. Democrats make the best Hypocrites as all their minority pograms are contradictory.

Judicial Watch pointed out that DHS is providing free travel for new Democrat voters. After all buying elections is expensive when using other peoples money to underwrite their own demise. Which happens to be what government and her bureaucrats do best to create their NWO (new world order) which they learned at their Poison Ivy League University. A thought to ponder is what is DHS’s carbon footprint to bring in these new Democrat voter?…Al Gore/ManBearPig do you have an opinion or will the peasants just hear crickets? Crickets actually speaks a lot about your hypocrisy and government approved UN scam.

The Religion of Peace again commits a massacre. I’m sure another Poison Ivy League Government spokesperson will provide a reason to trust their country of origin. Perhaps it is Obama, Bush, Kerry, Clinton or someone else who gets money to assure the American slaves that their country is safe from foreign invaders while we get sodomized by DC. If you are like me I’m tired o the Poison Ivy League connected people’s lies. DC is a den of thieves and liars and the Tea Party has it right, we need to purge them all.

Rolling Stones lied but it is apparently OK as they proved rape happens but proof doesn’t matter. Leftists are all about the narrative and not proof. I’ll never send my kids to Duke or VA because of their substandard white man rape allegations, as proof is not a requirement, but leftism is all the rage. Proof is good but not required, the hallmark of US Universities and the worthless pieces of paper they give to their debt slaves.

At www.Infowars.com they actually ask some interesting questions from time to time and in this case a UN official over spoke and said they hate humanity and want people to die. I say to the UN lead the way and we shall follow. If you and ManBearPig want to lead by example then that is a positive start, and if you don’t then we all realize what a fraud all governments are, just lying bureaucrats who feed off government educated slaves so they can live off the taxpayers.

Why do Bureaucrats suck…They get $288k for nothing. So a worthless VA official who screws over actual hero’s gets a free pass on the ‘faux’ real estate market because he/she never got shot at in the latest corporate or alphabet agency inspired  war. Life is good for the bureaucrats,  not so much for the slaves who are scrapping to get by. but don’t ask NBC,  ABC and CBS who provide cover for their lying Poison Ivy League scum brethren in DC and NY.

Nothing is what is what it seems so question everything.

Pray for peace (The left loves death, think of their holy grail, abortion)

The Kansas Kracker