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Just when you think it will be a slow week the lunatics in DC prove they have to meddle with everything under the sun. Recently Obama and his Iranian puppet master Valerie Jarett conspired to assist Iran, but then yesterday the USA sent the Theodore Roosevelt carrier to enforce shipping lanes or to stop Iranian arms entering Yemen. Is Obama and Val trying to stab the Saudi’s in the back now? With Obama’s ME adventures no one can be sure but we know that the MSM won’t cover his wars like they did GWB, both worthless Poison Ivy League grads spreading chaos around the world to benefit their fellow cronies.

That being said let’s check in on our loving bureaucrats. At the VA officials retaliate against whistleblowers by accessing their medical records. If the sheeple haven’t figured it out yet, whistleblower hotlines are designed to weed out those with a conscience, a soul or both who might disrupt the nefarious activities of whatever bureaucracy or crony corporation where they happen to be employed at in the past, since once they called they hotline they got harassed, sued and their lives made a living hell by the moochers.

The NWO sycophant politicians ass kickers at the Defense Department who send our boys off to die for the State Department’s worldly goals now say The Bible, US Constitution and the The Declaration of Independence all perpetuate Sexism, but noticeably absent is the Koran. We all know how peaceful the Koran spells out the caliphate goals, but then again Obama and Val just decided to help out the Iranians, one of the many Muslim countries that treat women like chattel. Of course all of us conservatives/libertarians at bureaucraticslave in the USA know all about being mistreated, right Lois Lerner. The politics in the cesspool (aka DC) continues to reek of political correctness where allegiance to party is more important than country. The Pentagon is turning into another worthless Ivy Tower like institution staffed by professors and not warriors.

According to JudicialWatch.org ISIS is gathering around our porous Southern border. I wonder what the wonder kid Poison Ivy League grads in DC have up their sleeve to blame some event on those crazy right wing radicals to continue to build their Gestapo like State? I guess we’ll all just have to what patiently and see what they have cooked up for the masses, but it probably smells of DHS and FEMA.

Raisin farmer Marvin Horne is going to court so the USDA stops trying demand he turn over the ‘fruits of his labor’ based on one of FDR’s communist laws from the 30’s. Reading the article on would think not just raisin farmers have a RICO brief they should file against Uncle Sam. I can’t believe the papers and TV media even pretend to write and speak about the supposed freedoms that DC has been eroding for the better half of the last 150 years of the average American. I guess the check I just sent to Uncle Sam to ‘settle up’ will be used to underwrite not only mine but my fellow citizen slave’s Earthly demise.

Former TSA official unleashed (TIME). And at TechDirt they have an article about how the TSA’s investigation into groping ensured their agents wouldn’t be prosecuted. I just love how laws are only for the little people. I actually had a guy in Vienna (Wien), Austria, grope me going through security and I admit I was slightly flattered, but they are a little more professional across the pond.

And as I try to do I’ll leave you with a glimmer of hope. In the Socialist State of Maryland the free-range kids were yet again harassed by the State’s Gestapo division of Child Protection Service. I admit I read this in the comments section and I apologize for not giving credit but someone said it is ironic how the left clamors for free-range chickens and cows but children need to be confined and protected by their mother ship (Government) because if not the people might realize 80% of the Leviathan and her minions aren’t needed. This bureaucraticslave wishes Mr. and Mrs. Meitiv the best of luck as they should look into filing kidnapping charges against the State as God only knows they are one of many. Case in point with the homeschooled kids of Hal and Michelle Stanley family in Arkansas who used an unapproved mineral supplement. In this case MedicalKidnap.com has got involved but if I was a cop that showed up at their house I’d be ashamed of the tyrants who are my bosses, as I’m sure they gave another BS reason for the child kidnapping.

Stay vigilant as remember

Ephesians 6:10-12 (NRSV)

The Armor of God

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker