Marauding Bands of Progressive (i.e. Democrat) generational voters have recently done their best to burn down Baltimore in spite of the fact their city and State have been ran by their supposed allies which have done absolutely zero to help their cause. This is metaphoric to how the Progressives (Democrats and RINOs) in DC have purposely destroyed the fabric of America for their own gain, they actually encourage the destruction to further impose their ill will and tighten the screws will upon the overtaxed bureaucratic slaves (i.e citizens) of the USA. John Angelos touches on this matter in his Twitter posts.

Some Gay New York Hoteliers held an event for Ted Cruz (another can’t be trusted Poison Ivy League Grad but there might be hope) because they actually believed in Diversity and wanted to hear is viewpoints. To their dismay their fellow gay followers and the gay mafia arm struck back and bullied their own to issue an apology for daring to host a Republican. Apparently their Progressive masters in the DNC have never heard of the Log Cabin Republicans, but this is par for the course as liberals love to talk about free speech, diversity, etc…but only if those views mimic their own. Just keep in mind that ‘Hypocrisy’ is the only constant trait of all leftists.

Speaking of hypocrisy or the do as I say not as I do gene inherent in all leftists, in San Francisco the city is using precious drinking water to heat city hall and wasting 250,000 gallons a day. Now California Governor Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown is threating $10k fines against the bureaucratic slaves but I’m sure that is only for the little people and not America’s finest, and I don’t mean cops and the military but rather the local/state/federal bureaucrats and their Democrat donors.

Straight Pride fliers where taken down at Youngstown State University because they dared to point out leftist hypocrisy. Now the LGTBQIA (what the f*uck is QIA, you can’t keep adding stuff, it isn’t fair) students disagree and of course the pussy campus ‘officials’ and the future bureaucrats who run the student body government thought the posters went beyond the first amendment so it must be so. The poster is nothing if not brilliant…

Borrowed from the Huffington Post story, where the photograph is credited to Nathan Allan Baxter.

The IRS deliberately cut its own ‘customer’ service budget. The IRS is metaphoric of the gov’t as it only exists to serve itself at our expense. In breaking news the merger between Comcast and Time Warner fell through as the IRS thought they could actually provide worst customer service and we all know how government hates competition.

Many Clinton charity donors also got State Department awards and grants. I for one am shocked that corporations would buy government whores (aka politicians) and that there is one giant conspiracy/scam that envelops the globe. The UK, France, Russia, China, UN and all countries, NGOs, etc.. operate the same. What a very sad state of affairs man has weaved for herself for the few to live off the many for so long and rarely come face-to-face with the threat of prison or better yet social justice, that ended Louis the XVI reign.

Battlefield America: The War on the American People by The Rutherford Institute’s own John W. Whitehead.…check out for some great info and commentary on the sad state of the union.

The Vatican and UN, two nefarious institutions with shady pasts, have teamed up to combat the skeptics against the non existent man made climate change (f*ck the sun and her contributions or volcanos for that matter). There is nothing better in this world than two political organizations who live off the masses misbegotten funds to lord over our daily lives and tell us peons how to live our lives while they do the complete opposite. I guess the Pope and I know the bureaucrats at the UN are salivating to burn people at the stake once again. My only question is are the UN bureaucrats going to tax themselves or will Al Gore plant trees to offset the carbon emissions from the charred bodies of all the dead bodies from the next great Progressive holocaust?

I always like to leave to my followers with a little bit of hope for humanity and today it comes from Iraq and cellist Karim Wasfi. The common people throughout the world are an inspiration, while bureaucrats the world over start wars for their own economic gain, which they ‘learn’ at their elitist universities. One doesn’t have to look far for the common denominator amongst the American, European and UN elitists

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God Bless.