What have the Worthless Bureaucrats been up too?

I apologize for my 10’s (of millions) of followers but I’ve been busy. Here is my brief take on stupidity over the last couple of weeks.

A school says Boston Marathon outing to cheer dad is an unexcused absence.  To hell with the schools. I spoke at a Jr. Achievement class and said college was overrated about 7 years ago and they asked me not to come back and this tells me why. You have to believe in worthless schools and taking on debt to be successful. I laughed as most of the kids will not make it to the next level but that isn’t what their parents wanted to hear. I hope they like their ‘successful’ kids living at home. It is amazing when you go into a school environment and tell them something to think about and they don’t like they kick you out. If you don’t believe me read John Taylor Gatto, as I laughed as their overpriced school lied to the parents who were paying an overpriced Catholic tuition. It is one giant scam, you can learn more at a free local library than at a gov’t school but that destroys the system. Sometimes the truth hurts. Kids are smart….we shouldn’t destroy their dreams with government mandated schooling to serve their unelected masters.

Mom was lunch shamed for not conforming to Michelle Obama’s stupid rules. We all know Michelle’s daughters get the best food not served to the underclass at the public schools.

This is a great story with a happy ending as the IRS tried to steal money from a guy in NC and threatened him not to go public but he won and got his money back after paying a shit load of money to prove his innocence which is just wrong. I’m glad the people are waking up and it scares the DC whores. I think this man and other should get lawyers and sue the gov’t inder the RICO act. Turn the tables on the criminal gang in DC.

The Washington Times reported that the IRS wasted $5.6B on worthless Obama programs. Buying votes for the DNC is getting more expensive but thankfully DHS is importing illegal immigrants to help the cause. Isn’t it funny how all the Skull and Bones grads run the government rackets and are appointed to the top positions. I’m really surprised the incompetent Supreme Court hasn’t picked up on this put then again they are being blackmailed like those in Congress, why do you think they’ve all been ‘(se)elected’ by the COFR, which was ironically formed after WWI and includes so many Poison Ivy League grads with connections with London.

As I paid in over my ass the IRS promotes tax cheats. Maybe nobody has to pay taxes if the rumors are true. Perhaps we’ve all been lied to by the liars and thief’s in DC. Maybe even the all the collectors are cheats themselves which would be par for the course. Our government is staffed by lying assholes who cheat on their own taxes. Abolish the IRS.

Speaking of worthless bureaucrats some UN asshole defends their sex trade. I love how these assholes exempt themselves from all accountability and taxes and then say we are sorry for our sex trade. I think the whole UN was set up with WWII as the excuse to exempt themselves from human trafficking. The whole place should bombed as it is staffed by sick perverts who prey on children, no wonder the Rockefeller’s have funded this sick outfit.

Obama tells these once proud Coast Guard grads that government caused global climate change is terroristic. Their job is to save lives and not kill them like the Poison Ivy League grads that have infiltrated our pathetic government that is staffed by thieves and criminals.

I always like to leave my fans on a good note and the little guy is winning as he beat the Gestapo IRS. Fuck the UN and the EU and IRS as they hate the little man trying to make a living.

The Kansas Kracker