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I just realized I haven’t said anything of value lately so tonight I decided to opine. I apologize to my many followers, just like Rick Santorum in Iowa.

Pass the Buck – Acting TSA head reassigned after watchdog report reveals security failings. When you fail in gov’t they reassign you and probably give you a raise. Thanks Brownshirt Jeh Johnson for making your yearly decision. You earned your paycheck this year and all of America is safe from foreign terrorists but DC keeps on chugging along so we aren’t safe from the domestic ones.

If you’ve lost your job or been fired, don’t worry our benevolent masters in DC are giving out Santa presents to foreigners, sorry Americans you have coal in your stocking as the IRS is buying generational votes of the DNC which is against the laws but I don’t think they fear prosecution. Yes the banks will come after you and so will the IRS but if you came from another country they will give you EBT cards, reduced rent, cable, utilities all free of charge and now even back taxes you’ve never paid. Isn’t America great for everyone but Americans. Yeah Freedom, Liberty and Enslavement by Uncle Sam. Of course buying votes with OPM (other peoples money) is a stable of DC, I only wish I would have learned of this in my polysci class in college but then again my professor was a paid gov’t agent.

Leaked TISA document reveals privacy threat. The NWO is alive an well and David Rockefeller’s infamous quote is ringing true and  is turning 100 and GHB is up there too. Both come from sell out families who want to destroy America so hopefully this sinks Jeb Bush as well.

GOP Supreme Asshole John Boehner is all onboard for selling out the average American so I wonder what the NSA has on his ass, but then again so is Paul Ryan so the Devil is working overtime but of course he doesn’t sleep in DC. Perhaps they have the infliction that happened to Dennis Hastert or some other reason to be blackmailed so they’ve been controlled for some time and were appointed to their positions of power like all the other whores in DC. The real question is who is pulling their strings?  As a person named after two conservative stalwarts I say fuck the Republican sell out party. They didn’t do it first but the average American has been screwed over by DC for far too long that it is time to break away from the corruption and cesspool known as DC. Fuck the GOP and their even more evil comrades in the DNC.

On a happy note the Texas PD in Texas shut down a lemonade stand to protect the people because it is against the law. We can’t escape the brownshirts anywhere in the good old USA but the ‘law’ protects us against lemonade stands but they haven’t arrested a DC politician in years. I feel so safe and cozy as an American. Apparently these two little stupid girls didn’t realize they learn nothing of economics and business in school and they won’t learn it on their own because fascist businesses paying off local politicians to impose their shakedowns to rid their community of any competitions. On the happy note and bright side they will be life long libertarians. That is always the upside of the heavy gov’t hand that people are starting to see the light that the DNC and GOP are different sides of the same coin working in concert that have fleeced us for far too long. Good job Zoey and Andria Green and just remember Gov’t sucks, including their schools (read John Taylor Gatto)http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/ For 100 bucks you’ll get an education a University will charge you $40K for. Enjoy ladies and the rest of America…

Here at www.bureaucraticslave.com we love the UN and this is one of the reasons why. A Global Government, a New World Order NWO, like David Rockefeller wants, and the Bushes and Clintons and all the pedophiles of Europe want so they can exploit young women with food and water. In Haiti the UN abused young women and I’m sure young boys too just like they have in Africa. Perhaps the UN is the place to go for pedophile activities and that was the purpose of WWII so that is why Poison Ivy League grads and all the stately Euro people want to expand their ‘humanitarian’ activities. No wonder the Clintons love to support all activities in Haiti.

If only NYC was underwater because of global warming. I think Al Gore needs to be sued for Trillions under the RICO law because the gov’t and her sycophant lying scientists who were paid off lied to the USA slaves…I mean citizens. Holy Shit DC lied to me, next thing I know Social Security is liquid and fully funded.

There is Hope…Don’t believe anything the gov’t and her lying grade schools, media, and of course advanced academia tells you, especially the Poison Ivy League Universities and her friends overseas…

The Rutherford Institute and John Whitehead always have decent advice. In this case are you a Slave or Rebel and I expect you to be a Rebel.

Good luck Slaves. Once you realize you are a slave then things can change for the better For a free download from Mark Twain read this as nothing as changed over the centuries….https://www.questia.com/library/1411544/a-connecticut-yankee-in-king-arthur-s-court

God Bless fellow Slaves (I mean Citizens)

The Kansas Kracker