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TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership or Treasonous Political Prostitutes (oh look a picture of Orrin ‘NSA’ Hatch and John Boehner) here is a pic of Adam Kinzinger whining about the top super secret legislation that the people can’t see, shades of Obamacare…

TPA – Trade Promotion Authority – We lower wages with an influx of new job seekers who replace all the unemployed people we’ve put out of work

TAA – Trade Adjustment Assistance – We pay off Americans who lose their jobs

I love how the party of the people, the GOP have now officially screwed over the American people. We already knew the Democrats have screwed everyone over since forever but now their treasonous brothers in the GOP have proven the whole system is just theatre to fool the masses. This has been long expected but know it is official and DC isn’t hiding anything. There is no difference between the dubious sell out parties that exist to enrich themselves as they are blackmailed by the NSA, Chamber of Commerce, the UN and God only knows who else, hell that is why they were elected in the first place, because someone, somewhere had the dirt on them. We in American don’t have representation we have a Hobson’s Choice of shit and shittier. I also love how the legislation in the Senate is always 60 or 61 to whatever in this charade we call government in the good ol’ USA.

Not to worry the global government body called United Nations which is ran by criminals the globe over had their minions raping and pillaging women in Haiti…I wonder where the charitable Clinton Foundation and all their ill begot millions were to protect these poor souls. I’ll wait with baited/bated breath for the MSM journalists to ask this obvious question. Granted this isn’t the first or the last time the UN thugs will be caught raping and pillaging on their global tax free salaries that exempt them from all laws of humanity…they sound a lot like politicians and bureaucrats in all countries that unfortunately exist across the globe to extract wealth, freedom, liberty and basic human rights from us all. Perhaps the best course of action is to expunge all governments as they seem to be outdated in our technological world. Now that perhaps would bring about world peace. Maybe we should all give it a try but the Crown in the UK, the deranged in DC or the Vatican may get a little bit upset by losing their supposed lordship over us all.

The left went NUTS when the POPE talked about population control so I’m glad to see the Vatican is working with Hans Schellnhuber a GAIA atheist. The left says Christians are anti-science and deride the Pope or past Popes but this one is different, he embraces population control so he must believe in gov’t approved science. I love it and I’m so glad Protestants also exist in this world. Now my only question is when my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns, as the only thing that is certain is that everyday it comes a day closer (refute that you leftists who are hell bent on destroying humanity via gov’t and her bureaucraticslave minions).

Jonathan Gruber, another one of those Poison Ivy League fucktards, (MIT is much better than Yale, Brown, Harvard, etc so Greedy Gruber may be an isolated case) who said American voters were stupid but got caught has apparently been caught again, as 20K emails show he had bigger part in the enslavement of the citizen sheeple than we previously thought. Way to go Jonathan, I hope we meet at a bar some night while my under age kids are present to witness my tirade but luckily in my opinion you only drink wine and like to see erect things in your face to please your fascist masters. Any thing for a buck…right my enemy, you worthless piece of shit, like the GOP (TAA, TPP, TPA) sell outs in Congress. Please continue with our faux government process as we are all thrown under the bus to the NWO globalists.

GOP Toomey and his DNC partner Manchin in this theatre show are doing their best to destroy the 2nd amendment. One has to wonder if the South Carolina shooting was designed to destroy the 1st amendment. Sandy Hook was kind of like this and so was the Boston bombings. In the case of South Carolina they are also trying to destroy the 9th and 10th amendments about State’s rights which DC doesn’t acknowledge, just like the rest of the Bill of Rights. MMMMMMMMMMM…Remember Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd a very loyal Democrat loved the Stars and Bars, or was it the Tennessee Battle Flag or was it just what the KKK (a DNC subsidiary) adopted to scare blacks who voted Republican to vote Democrat back in the day? Today they just ply minorities or they people who can no longer work with free money that is either stolen or printed to prime people to vote in the next election. Oh what a wonderful world we live in….When will Alice go down the rabbit hole again? I forgot that Lincoln freed the slaves in the South which he didn’t control but he never freed them in the North but then again there were blacks that owned slaves too but you won’t read that in a War of Northern Aggression History book as the victor always writes the history. Oh what a web we weave when we deceive…At least the future will be interesting to say the least.

And because I love to leave a positive thought with my readers I’ll leave you with this…The free range parents in the prison State of Maryland have currently been cleared of all false charges the State of Maryland filed against them, because they dared to challenge the incompetence and overbearing mandates of Big Brother.

The Kansas Kracker