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Obama is President and Islam blows up some UNESECO awesome sites in Syria (Palmyra). I’m sure the media will blame Putin or Bush.

In Afghanistan before the new opium wars began for the who knows how many times, Bill Clinton, a benevolent Democrat NWO operative, gave the Taliban money and they blew up some impressive Buddhas.

The NYTimes provides the cover yet again for leftist destruction. 

So much for tourism dollars, yaun, yen, euro, rubles, pesos, etc…

The UN has never cared about any religion except government so it really isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things and since nature didn’t make it then who really cares. So sad really that this is what the world has come to that people could care less about history and the great beauty those who came before us created because today all we make is shit, like TV’s and government propaganda that is espoused 24/7 on the idiot boxes we all posses.

The Kansas Kracker