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Sorry for my lack of posts lately but it is Summer time and I’ve been busy, though the asinine world of governments and their bureaucrats sycophants never sleep….they are a relentless bunch who never sleep in their ever manageable goal to enslave us peon peasants.

To my millions of followers I know you were waiting in anticipation for my long awaited list of links to teachers and other school personal who sleep with underage students. In front of me I have a huge stack of about 40 stories but I’m giving it up because gov’t and her many minions are just sick. I know longer want to even think about this as my kids grow older. This Government inspired Progressive Initiative to destroy morality won’t stop anytime soon. I recommend logging onto these sites for updates as the Kansas Kracker can’t keep up…

http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/39783/ or even better bookmark this site http://iheartmyteacher.org/index.php

The IRS destroyed evidence that I’m sure incriminated Lois Lerner but I’m sure nothing will happen, just like Hillary Clinton gets a free pass. If the IRS comes to your house wanting documents, tell them they’ll be provided when Lois Lerner’s emails surface. Uncle Sam won’t be happen until he rapes us all. Since the majority of the Supreme Court members can no longer read this isn’t shocking as they can twist the US Constitution and words into anything they want then so should the common citizenslave if ever prompted to court by our Slave Masters.  If Congress, the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court can form a perfect triangle of ignorance of ignoring the law then that should be our defense in court as well, don’t even waste money on a lying lawyer. On a side note I wonder what TPTB have on John Roberts, apparently everyone in DC is being blackmailed.

This actually gives me hope in America. Kids are creating black markets in schools thanks to Michelle Obama. Kids have to get salt, sugar and black pepper somehow and now black markets have been set up in kiddy prison, known today as schools.(The Story of Two Buses by Gary North) Granted (CIA) Michelle is just doing what she is told by the multi-national conglomerates who are creating the next generation of predictable slaves, which is the purpose of government mandated rote schooling in the first place.

California Bureaucrats approve bill to poison children. I’d love to see a public record, video, and absolute proof that all public officials,CDC bureaucrats and pharmaceutical head honchos infecting their own children with the vaccines that they peddle on the masses, then I might believe they are beneficial. If you doubt me or many others then go to www.naturalnews.com and the information Mike Adams provides, it might just change your life. In a nut shell  never trust gov’t experts and their corporate whore sponsors.

Wal-Mart nixes the Confederate Flag but says ISIS is OK. Of course Wal-Mart has been in bed with the CIA for a long time so this outcome is only logical. This is weird though as the US Gov’t supported the KKK, La Raza, NAACP and ISIS so I don’t see an issue. The US Gov’t also forcibly relocated the Red Skins under Democrat Andrew Jackson, who wasn’t half bad and enslaved Japs under FDR another Democrat but the Republicans are racists who actually passed equality legislation in the 60’s? Public schooling is doing exactly what it was intended to do, create zombies who don’t question the lies of the System.

Mother arrested for 7 year old play in the park. This is freedom today in America, where Liberty and Freedom only falsely exist under the ever watchful eye of big brother who only rapes and steals every second of every day. Uncle Sam never sleeps while he molests his sheeple subjects.

The US (Obama and his CIA NWO/MI6 British Crown/Vatican handlers) block the US from supplying heavy weapons to actual allies. Which is odd because the Brits and the US have always pissed all over the Kurds who are good people. No wonder everyone hates us. I for one, like many others think the Kurds should have their own nation and wish them the best. I’m sure this will piss off Turkey, Iraq, Syria (not so much) and Iran, but that is why the Brits and French set up the ME as they did, so they all hate each other and there is constant conflict to enrich the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) which Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the world about in 1961.

Sheep, keep up the good fight as the world is full of lies.

God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker