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I wonder if this was just work place violence. So sad that our progressive socialist masters continue to implement gun free zones which are just open season zones. RIP victims of Uncle Sam, usually they exist overseas but yet again the victims are here at home all thanks to NWO Agenda 21 and multicultural targets. If only these shooting happened in DC then maybe they’d care. Perhaps Trump will now criticize the protected Muslim (we are peaceful) group who are so peaceful because they say so and we can’t challenge this without being called racists, bigots and being guilty of micro-aggression, whatever the fuck micro-aggression is but some made up shit by a Poison Ivy League Graduate who now resides in HR and has a journalist degree or works at the White (racist) House.

Speaking of Federal Bureaucrats in California they continue to water and threaten journalist who report on their stupidity by violating the first amendment, but we are at war with our own creation. It is like the American Civil War or WWI when the ‘Presidents’ decided to throw people in jail just for the hell of it. Yeah Freedom, America kicks ass when it comes to Freedom, except when you read stuff that isn’t told to you in gov’t controlled indoctrination centers call schools.

Laws are good but we need more because shootings happen because the laws the bureaucratic political class pass for the little people aren’t followed by their minions. The South Carolina shooting, by Dylan Roof happened because the laws passed by the bureaucrats weren’t followed. So do we need more gun laws, no, but we have to get rid of the Rebel flag because DC and NYC and the Poison Ivy League special class can’t be questioned about their thoughts. The Rebel and Gadson Flags are worse than the ISIS flag that most of our Senators endorse. Damn this country is fucked up.

Can’t have a murder free zone in a gun free zone as gun free zones are murder zones that we can’t talk about, just ask the conservative minorities, called Republicans that attend Portland University who are harassed daily by micro-aggression threats from the administration. Then again we just lost some damn good people in Tennessee (see first link on this post) because Bill Clinton initiated gun free zones on military sites, but his bitch of a NWO wife is running for the people in 2016. I wonder when the military will wake and start this experiment all over again because they are being sacrificed for progressive political causes. The Global sell out Kissinger said the military are just dumb stupid animals so I wonder when they’ll show up at his house to prove him wrong.

The Ford company, which Henry Ford hated Jews and had a soft spot for Hitler now doesn’t like Christians. I think Christian Karma is just great as since the Gays can sue independent operators, then now Christians are suing big corporations for doing what the gays do to bakers and florists. Turn about is fair play. Considering that specific bakers and florists have been singled out by the gay mafia and their operative on purpose I think it is only fair that the Christian mafia goes after big players as turn about is fair play. After all the law is equal and no one should have more rights than others, except our Congressional Whores who we all pretend to believe represent the common man and women. Fuck DC.

Speaking of good people, Planned Parenthood is selling their murdered product to others. What a great DNC Eugenics, NAZI institute. Margaret Sanger, the hater of Blacks, Jews and Hispanics is celebrated by the DNC  because they still continue to support NAACP and LaRaza which support the murder of their own for DNC money is nothing but ironic but then again people are as dumb as their Poison Ivy League masters and our MSM propaganda leaders. Damn our society is nothing but sick as the DNC and RINOs continue to worship death at every turn and the NAACP and LaRaza are on board. The love of Money is nothing but evil.

To leave you on an ironic note, which is bureaucratic speak for we are full of shit but we have to control the sheep at all costs and because we went to a University we are obliged to Lord over you ignorant peasants.

By 2030 the Earth will go into an ice age because the Sun is the driver of our climate system. If only the UN, Brussels or Congress could pass a law to regulate the Sun, then their power would be absolute. Fire all the Fuckers. But then again NOAA has said we have had 117 month record of no hurricanes, but didn’t the gov’t and UN said we are all going to die?

Bureaucrats Lie and therefore so do governments (www.bureaucraticslave.com). Everything is a lie and once you realize that then the world is a better place.

God Bless,

The Kansas Kracker