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I love a good conspiracy like anyone else, such as JFK was killed by the US gov’t and WWII with FDR knowing the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor and let it happen to get us out of the Great Depression. I’ll tell you one thing I know, what we were told in gov’t ran schools is just what they want us to believe. It isn’t like history didn’t happen, it just didn’t happen the way they told us. They don’t tell us about Prescott Bush and the Nazi connection and they don’t tell us about FDR and his families connection to heroin and HSBC. Fuck it, everybody lies but us, the proletariat have to be better than those liars who lord over us. Once we know we’ve been told a lie, the world becomes much clearer and we all become better human beings and the minute you know the truth then you know everything you’ve been told is a half truth, or in other words a lie…

The Ice War Cometh: Why does Obama want more Coast Guard icebreakers? I thought the Artic was supposed to ice free. See how this works, Governments lie their asses off with the help of the MSM. Why do we need ice breakers if global warming makes them obsolete? Think about it.

Again, what we are not told. Jorge Ramos loves the open borders and free public government provided education for others, but like teachers and politicians he sends his kids to a 30K year tuition private school. If what the government provides to the masses is the best, why does he send his kids to a private NWO school? Do as I say not as I do, like the wonderful book written by Peter Schweizer which spells out what the elite says and then does with their own children, like BHO, Michael Moore, The Clintons and all the other government special people and their sycophant followers. Being a Learjet Liberal is to be special and none of us commoners should question their greatness to rule over us because of their Poison Ivy League upbringing.

NYC is a lovely place because of Socialism and Bill de Blasio as now there are 4k homeless. Go Democrats and academically approved social ideals. Before we all know it, crazy poison Ivy League school ideals will ruin America, just like Cambridge and Oxford have ruined England.

I’m sure I’ll take some heat for this but I love this article from the dailymail. If you read through the NWO refugee crisis which I suppose the UN, CIA, and MI6 supplies the printed cash to support these immigrants journey, you’ll notice how well they are dressed and how the pics are a staged. I realize I sound like a jerk but I’ve seen pics of those hitting land taking selfies but the links above show what a scam this all is. We’ve all seen the pics of Aylan Kurdi who drowned, but is it real or Reuters staged? Yes, I’m a bad man to question the narrative but look at the pics linked above and you’ll see refugees who are dressed to the nines, they have the finest backpacks and cellphones to take selfies, sunglasses, flip-flops, nice cars and if you scroll far enough down in the staged pics in the link above you’ll see 3 guys with yellow/greenish wristbands who have obviously been clubbing. The NWO/EU/USA/UN are all frauds and they’ll destroy any country (Libya and now Syria comes to mind) to accomplish their Satanic goals.

The Kansas Kracker