It it 2016 and it looks like it is the lying bitch Hillary for the Donkeys vs the outsider, anti-establishment candidate Trump for the Republicans, which really pisses off the corrupt Bush clan who have done just as much harm to America as the Clintons.

The in-crowd in NY and DC, are worried as they should be, as I’m hoping Rand Paul gets a good gig inside the the halls of corruption in the Trump administration and we can release a bunch of African American marijuana minor criminals and fill those cells with a bunch of white DC bureaucrats. For the record I’m white so I think it will be awesome and just hope for justice that is long overdue. I hope Rand Paul takes apart the criminal activities of the IRS and DOJ.

It is about time the common man hears the truth and as a bonus, all the political rags will lose even more value (WAPO and NYTimes). Good riddance to those gov’t sponsored rags who are controlled by the PoisonIvyLeague mafia. Finally, we can get back to a society that has some values and morals.

By the way, all the gov’t debt is only owed by the Congress people who voted for it and not you and I. That is the little dirty secret as the people never signed off on the debt. So whoever is funding this shit show is either fucked or will be looking to get paid and I say go collect from the Clinton Foundation and the Poison Ivy League trust funds.