What will happen is 2016?

I’ll try and post more stuff to the Internet via my blog rather than via Twitter. I really like Twitter as I can comment on things as they come rather than wait to post on a weekly account. I hope this prediction comes true. Bureaucraticslave is something that touches like 7 Billion people and not the few thousand that lord over us and think we are their slaves.

Donald Trump gets killed? I just posted this prediction via an email that I copied and pasted and if this happens then you know this shit show is just a play and those who make too much noise get killed, think JFK.

I don’t think Trump is the greatest statesman but who has been in the last 50 years outside of Reagan who they tried to kill from the USA but on today’s show it is Vladimir Putin, as Obama is a pussy. Trump is America’s version of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. Brass and unapologetic and he is exactly what America needs today. I believe Berlusconi shared some vino with Putin in the Crimea. Personally I’d have drinks with both of them and hate all politicians, but I respect them for calling the game for what it is and the CIA and State Department traitors hate this. Funny thing, Russia used to be Communist and today it is more Fascist and the USA is more Communists, but still both these ideals belong in the Socialism family. The dirty secret of WWII was which Socialistic family was going to win…

Since we are on 2016 predictions and on January 4th all hell broke loose in Asia, what is in store for the rigged global markets? Really who knows but those in power that exempt themselves from insider trading like Congress. I’m sure the UN, World Bank and many more have granted themselves these same privileges. Wake up America and wake up world that 99% of the people are good and the 1% Fuck us all over.

OK, so not so much for predictions but rather my astute observations of a messed up world. Be careful and be cordial to like minded travelers who dare brave this messed up world. Really, they are good people and just want to explore and see the world and nothing else. Never trust a politician or bureaucrat and all gov’t services are full of liars, just like statistics. Taxes are evil and the world would be peaceful without them. Go ahead and give me a Nobel prize, I deserve it far more than Obama and the limp dicks in Sweden/Norway who decide this worthless prize they bestow on like minded corrupt politicians.

Best of luck and buy guns and plenty of ammo