What can I say, this man has rocked the USA’s political world. The DC/NYC entrenched establishment absolutely hates him so that means he is the go to choice for the shit on 99%. See MSM sycophants how I turned the 1% narrative around on you as Obama, like yourselves are the  1%er just like the Bushes, Pelosis, Feinsteins, Schumers, Ryans, Clintons, McCains, (Congress) etc. At the beginning and end of the day it us vs. the DC ass-hats and that in a nutshell is the American Revolution, except then it was America vs England and today it is everyone vs. DC (which ironically is owned by DC…look it up).

As of today and probably through November I’m in The Donald Trump corner.

  1. DC hates him
  2. Karl Rove hates him
  3. Jeb Bush hates him
  4. Hillary Clinton hates him, but she hates all men
  5. The DNC hates him
  6. The RNC hates him
  7. The MSM hates him
  8. Late night TV hates him
  9. etc

I was sold after number 1 just like most Americans, whether they have been historically democrat or republican as most people now see them as one and the same, as in DC there is just the establishment party….See Paul Ryan and his pathetic performance and weak arguments, the question is who is blackmailing him, after all isn’t that how you get to DC.  The British are crass but efficient, they have just as many losers as we do and they have a worthless monarchy that went to the top via blackmail. I still wonder who killed Diana.

Gov Greg Abbot of TX, wants a Constitutional Convention of the States, which is a great idea but how about Congress just overturn the 16th and 17th amendments that they may not even have to do because they probably weren’t ever ratified properly in the first place outside of what the NYTimes said. Ever since these supposed amendments were passed the States lost their rights (dutifully re-enforced by gov’t mandated education I might add), and we’ve (USA) been at war that the left claims to hate so much. Oh wait Woodrow Wilson signed off on these and he was a Democrat but that was before the political teams switched sides because of a flip of the coin, according to modern day leftist historians who are paid by the State. Woodrow also didn’t like black people like Democrats today (see nothing changes) but Obama is a CIA plant so all past sins should be forgiven, as he is the perfect patsy, plus he likes homeless Chicago white boys so he does as he is told. Basically everything he has signed is bogus but the entirety of DC has been bought and sold and none of them should be trusted, Republican or Democrat. Hillary in 2016 has been a puppet since the 1970’s bought and sold or we have an iota of truth a window of opportunity with Trump who can’t be manipulated because he is rich bitch, I’ll take the later.


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Best of luck in the Brave New World. Orwell was right