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In the last couple weeks let me recap Democrat successes against humanity

  1. The Oscars didn’t nominate one African American. A bunch of liberal Democrats committing racist acts, I’m shocked. Really, nothing has changed since at least 1861. Of course they’ll investigate themselves and with the help of the MSM will find a way to blame white, heterosexual, Christian, gun owning, Republican males.
  2. The EPA with the help of Michigan Democrats are poisoning the state slaves of Flint. I’m sure they are working on a plan to blame George Bush or Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Notice they say they are sorry but they don’t mean it and never will. I wonder who profited from the water source shift? I have a hunch some D politicians were involved, probably some RINOS as well.
  3. The leftist media is blaming the east coast blizzard on global warming. The most corrupt in the room will continue the lie to keep the gov’t money coming and keep the sheeple in fear.
  4. The NWO/UN/EU keep doubling down on forced migration even though the rapes and sexual assaults keep piling up. Suck it up slaves is what the soulless politicians and bureaucrats tell their ‘free citizens’. I’ve notice complete silence from the feminists but they are worthless and just a DNC subsidiary, they only make noise when white Progressive males tell them to act.


The Bureaucraticslave