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At the University of Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click was charged with not allowing journalist to utilize their 1st amendment rights. I’m glad I got out of college when I did, as the left have turn higher education into higher indoctrination for those who didn’t get enough in K-12. In the biblical account King Midas turned everything he touched into gold, everything the left touches turns to shit.

I guess Tim Berners-Lee is a libertarian as the Internet should be free. Gov’t leave the private sector alone, they operate better than you. At least the DailyBeast acknowledges that Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet, what a lying a**hole.

Fusion.net interviewed 9 US guests (undocumented Iowans) and they like Marco Rubio because like all politicians they sell out the citizen slaves they are supposed to represent. My wife is a documented foreigner but you don’t see anyone interviewing legal aliens because they all disagree with the open border policy. All politicians sell out their constituents because they don’t have morals or souls. Living the easy life is easy when being blackmailed and/or cash is given to you but this is politics the globe over, I wonder when the rapes start in the USA like they are in the EU. When it happens thank a politician but then read Sun Tzu and give them what they deserve.

A Colorado homeowner is robbed at gun point may face charges…WTF. Please put me on this jury and I’ll bring up jury nullification, a concept not taught by our gov’t overlords in school. I read a similar story about a 17 year old in Denmark who the bureaucrats are trying to make an example of because she acted without Big Brother’s consent.

The Zika Virus today is all the rage. The governments and bureaucrats of the world came out fast on this one and that scares me. Makes me think this new virus was engineered in some lab. Notice how quick they don’t want babies so I have a feeling Planned Parenthood will soon pop up like Subway and McDonald’s in the Latin America and we’ll have one on every corner. The Satanic globalists never rest and I’m sure Big Pharma will have a remedy shortly, this all sounds like and has the hallmarks of a contrived shit show. Ebola didn’t pan out so the sheeple need a new scare. After all we know how the Leftist Communist/Socialists love the little children of the world (prison schools, vaccine trials that hurt/maim/kill, abortion, GMO foods, etc…

I always like to look at the glass as half full so I’ll leave you tonight with this nice piece from all places, CBSnews.com (American’s hates the government more than ever).

As Andy Dufresne said in the Shawshank Redemption to Red: “Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”.

The Bureaucraticslave