The longer I live, for how much longer I’m not sure, I’ve come to question everything that I’ve been told. What is the Truth? I don’t know but one thing I’m for certain is that what I was told in the government controlled indoctrination centers in K-12 and then my ‘voluntary’ exposure to University was maybe 50/50 on the truth scale. The whole point of going is to believe that the USA Inc. is a force for good, when in reality they are just better than they rest of the world at extorting their sheep. In reality governments are controlled corporations pretending to be legitimate by the people for the people enterprises. In the USA we have the Patriot Act which basically makes anyone who questions gov’t surveillance a terrorist based on the zeitgeist of the age of Big Brother. Then we have the No Child Left Behind Act, which gave us Common Core which was written by government and the big corporation alliance that left all children behind the eight ball of mediocrity to enslave them from cradle to grave. Then we have the Affordable Care Act which is anything but since it was written by the Insurance Industry to benefit themselves and the gov’t whores who claim to be our representatives. They gleefully played along and pretended to hate it it but eventually came to terms to pass it with the medias help because they too are a corporation acting as a gov’t which the media and courts pretend to act is actually legitimate law. Kind of like the 16th amendment, did the States actually pass it or did the media determine it to be law, you know to fund WW1 before it actually kicked off since it was preplanned. You mean the government textbooks lied, what else did they lie about?

U.S. Gov’t eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists. By definition isn’t the gov’t a domestic extremist or is it everyone who dares question their draconian authority? Some people stay past closing time at a bird sanctuary in Oregon automatically become domestic terrorists. Why isn’t Al Gore or the late Ted Kennedy terrorists, or perhaps a womanizing past president. What about alphabet agencies who want to confiscate cash because banks don’t want to fill out a paperwork for deposits over $10k or who kill cattle or destroy rivers. Why aren’t governments considered terrorist organizations? The courts should look at all parties equally. Hell governments have tried to rid the world of the mafia only to replace them, neither like competition but run the same scams, the gov’t only says they have legitimacy because they control the courts through tax scams.

Border Agent says we might as well abolish our immigration laws.

Remember fellow sheeple, citizenslaves, slaves, independents who hate all the above but are entrapped by gov’t mafias, the world functions better when ran by free people and the worst people are those who want to dictate arbitrary rules. There is an old saying…those that can do, those who can’t teach, those who can’t teach… coach, and those who can’t coach… administrate. Administrate is the only thing that gov’t does and they do it really badly and have for a very long time. But also beware of those who fund the lowest class (administrators)  as that is how they got rich in the first place, by ignoring Adam Smith and the free market. Governments hate competition and this includes the USA, EU, UN, China…they are afraid of free people getting along and not hating each other and no one enriching themselves through war.

The World really is a good and awesome and peaceful place if left alone from meddling bureaucrats, religious figures and governments.

Good Night World,


Kansas Kracker