I’m sitting here tonight and I should long be in bed but I’m not and I’m wondering why do us poor sheep suffer? I like FoxNews only because they at least have alternative view points but their main spokespeople sound like CIA drones just like the NYTimes, WallStreet Journal or the MSNBC or CNN  or our local news who say the same bullshit. At the end of the day our educational system which is a fraud and our media combine to screw us all over. Donald Trump is leading in the fake polls that are designed to influence us all to support some candidate that has been per-selected and pre-apporved to ‘lead’ us into the next four years. It is all a shame, a bunch of Ivy League monied interests and I thought we got rid of the monarchy but no the Europeans weaseled their way into the future.

Donald Trump is the only person who years ago had the ability and foresight to find a team who had balls unlike the RNC who gave us Romney, McCain, Dole, etc…Trump at least fights so the RNC should just marry their gay brother the DNC as in DC the shit show show is all stupid, criminal and fuck over the sheep anyway. It is about time the people through off the millstone/yoke and said FU DC. Hell the people are screaming to elect someone who has balls, so that excludes the sell out McCain and Romney was a push over, at least Trump is a man unlike Obama who is who knows what, but a sissy who wears a gay bike helmet and more.

The Sheep are revolting and rightfully so. The Evangelicals are tired of being stabbed in the back by the Republicans who have lied over and over again, it is a wonder why backstabbing Rubio still has a voice. It is time for a revolution to rid society of the false profits that inhabit DC.

Obama by decree has helped blacks? They were once again suckered in by the DNC who promised everything and delivered nothing, that is why they are in power and Hillary and Bernie seem likable. If blacks want to improve their lot in life, shed their white DNC masters of false promises who do nothing but ruin their lives. There, I said it, their masters are cruel and only look to impoverish their further joys with empty promises of racial inequality .

Good Night and Good luck,

The Kansas Kracker