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I apologize for not posting as much as I’m trying to rely on Twitter to make a difference, it probably doesn’t do any good as they, like Facebook and other media outlets suppress alternative views.

As Dr. Ulfkotte, a German ‘journalist’ just went on record said they are all bought and paid for by the CIA (Deep State). Check out your local news on Valentine’s Day or near Christmas. It is right in front of our faces and we just deny deny deny the truth. Our elections aren’t real, our news isn’t real and our history books taught in government mandated schools aren’t real. What else isn’t real?  I know this is hard to grasp but what is real? Syria and the Ukraine is theater but an unsuspecting actor in Russia showed up so they are bad now, they used to be good according to the NYTimes, Germany and Sweden are being overrun by Muslim hoards but women’s cleavage is to blame. We are told daily by the media the religion of Christianity is outdated except for her morals which atheist/Satanist politicians exploit who say we have to bring in hoards of Islamic citizens who they say they are peaceful, but please disregard the innocents they bomb.

We should ignore the bombings like we should ignore their exploitation of the tax system to fund the MIC and enrich their PACs, to terrify the TEA Party organizations, to pick and choose who will and will not be audited because of their political affiliation. I doubt the Clinton Foundation will be audited anytime soon and if so it won’t be a real audit but then does anyone ask if the IRS isn’t a corporation itself working for another corporation with a domicile outside of the US? I doubt the MSM will ask and well, all US slaves will never be told the truth.

I was born some time ago and my mother and father before that but they were lied to and instilled the gov’t lies to me along with my peer pressured mandated indoctrination and I shall do the same. We beat Germany and Japan and the first thing that was done was to create schools to own the narrative. Governments lie, the mafia is bad and evil but the government is good but yet the mafia was much nicer and actually provided a service but they have the same business model. Why isn’t this never brought up in schools????????????? Perhaps because schools are in business because of gov’t forced mandated taxes, for the supposed benefit of the children. Please read anything John Taylor Gatto ever wrote to get a bit of the truth and it will change your life for the better

We will never hear the truth from the Leviathan, actually everything the Leviathan says is a lie and that includes her affiliates we call the MSM.

Good Night America