Target just lost $2.5B in marker cap because they thought they’d be hip and cool and support LQBTSXOJHDLFJIDSOJIF causes. After all you can be everything to everyone.

Paypal, Pearl Jam, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Demi Lovato and some others are boycotting North Carolina because of their hatred of passing a law that says if you were born with a penis you should use the men’s bathroom and if you have a vagina you need to use the women’s bathroom. That is some extreme hatred but I bet these people and/or corporations deal with bigotry in the middle east by going there and taking their proceeds. Hypocrisy is the hallmark of leftist ideals and don’t expect our press to call them out because they were long ago bought and paid for. Fuck you all, if you had a shred of a moral compass you would say I disagree with you but I’ll still play but no, you’ll go to regimes who would cut your head off for a few dollars. Whores you all are. North Carolina is trying to protect little girls from being harassed from men who think they are women so they  can see boobs or molest little girls.

Paypal, Pearl Jam, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and Demi Lovato probably also support ex-Subway spokesman Jared Foggle because he is a sick SOB. I have no problem with gay people but I’m not going to let my daughter go into a bathroom with a chick with a dick. Am I a bigot perhaps, but if I was 20 years younger I’d be screaming to shower with girls because of how I identify. I notice the leftist retarded feminist are silent on this new human rights development, but what about the right of my daughter? Again, hypocrisy is the hallmark of progressives. Al Gore says the ocean is rising and then buys beach front property. This is all designed MSM BS and FU you arrogant entertainers and shitty businesses. Paypal hates bigotry but has offices in the middle east – throw gays off of buildings…but screw the five year old girl who needs to pee without a man in the bathroom, that little cunt has no rights.

The Leftists/Progressives have FUBAR the world

The Kansas Kracker