If you have a bureaucratic red-tape story to tell please email me and if you don’t see me post it send it again and again and notify me at #bureaucraticslave. If you’ve been screwed over by the courts please tell me and say so in the subject line. I’ve seen only men screwed over by the courts and the world needs to hear your side of the equation. Our gov’t steals from us and they do not love us, despite the lies our schools tells us.

Agenda 21 will not stop but Europe is alive and mad as hell, so is the USA, so is South America and the treasonous politicians need to be confronted with the lies they told us. Gov’t is not our friend, they steal and pillage for their own comfort and it is time we call them out. God’s words are true and all gov’ts hate it because they are in constant battle (Good vs. Evil). People from different cultures aren’t the enemy but our slave masters are.

The Kansas Kracker