Today I’m asking the American public and the people of the World to share their stories of bureaucratic bullshit with me. Have you been harmed by the red tape of bullshit then pleae share your story with me. I’ll try and publish it, just put something of substance in the subject line. Our world is turning to shit in a hurry, we are supposed to believe in evolution because we are told it is the truth but then we watch gov’t action and realize it is bullshit.  World leaders and our fake elected politicians have proven evolution is a farce, just like selective diversity for the few global corporations who buy them off. It is a sad day but why do we subject our children to fallacies in the hopes of a global governance by our gov’t/corporate masters?

I’m all for the the free markets but we none and our corporate/gov’t masters see fit that we should only exist in oligarchy. Our textbooks are shit, we have teachers sleeping with students, our politicians are afraid of the truth but yet our lives go on.

Why do we need a gov’t? Do we need 75k pages of taxes and the answer is NO. DC will call me a domestic terrorist because I hate the system but at the end of the day we are all terrorists. When the asshat GWB was president the media said one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter but since CIA Obama was installed nary a word from the MSM. I’m sick of the USA is free democracy BS, as we are slaves like the rest of the world and it it time to awaken. We’ve been sold a terrible bill of goods but the masses have been screwed over by an ingenues forced mechanism called school.

Please send me your stories of being bullied by Uncle Sam. The Bundies have been bullied by the SPLC like a lot of people because the SPLC is full of hate and leftis bias. If they hate you then you are good and if they like you then you are evil, like the Poison Ivy League Schools. (Who went there? – Obama, Bush, Kerry, Gore, Clinton – etc… see a pattern…like Oxford and Cambridge these places espouse central control…enrich the few and cause misery and poverty for the masses)

Good night America until we wake up…

Kansas Kracker