I love and hate the left. The left’s entire lives are a tornado of contradictions as they support everything but their actions do the complete opposite. Churchill said that Russia was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery  inside of an enigma. This perfectly describes the left in America and Europe today as no one can isolate their their thoughts and actions as they are diabolically opposite.

Obama, the lover of Islam and hater of Christians invades Syria and Libya to steal their wealth or allow future projects to friends/donors of the administration but at the same time supports the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The Bush administrations also supported the same people and so did Clinton as he bombed Serbia. Why does the US at home support Christianity but outside our shores do everything possible to support Muslims whom Hitler liked. The World is a crazy place and fake promises and money rule the world but somehow America’s most powerful selected politicians always come from the same the place. Ironically my little blog can pick up on this obvious trend but the gov’t ran MSM won’t say a word about it. They aren’t the best and brightest, they are just the most psycho and sociopathic for the job of POTUS.

We’ve all been hoodwinked by our teachers who don’t realize it but are told what to preach by the Poison Ivy League conglomerate that is central to all the bullshit we’ve been fed.  Obama/Bush/Kerry/Gore/Clinton etc… the list goes on and on and goes way back in time as they all get selected and appointed why we all try and work harder to get ahead while they prosper and utilize the tax code to suppress us and enrich themselves. The World hasn’t changed, they’ve just discovered better ways to sell slavery as freedom. Orwell was way ahead of his time and so was Aldous Huxley. Orwell summed it all up nicely in a few short words…

War is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Is Strength