If you’ve been screwed by the System please shoot me an email. If the police raided your house and you were the wrong the person. If the courts are screwing you over because you are a white heterosexual male. If you’ve been wronged please email me at bureaucraticslave@hotmail.com

I’m not going to say I’ll publish it on my blog I just want people to know that our system is corrupt beyond comprehension. That Americans aren’t free people and that lie needs to die sooner rather than later. The best we can do is throw it out for public consumption…

If you are collecting rain water and it pisses off  the powers that be we need to know it. If a lawsuit it bullshit then send me an email and I’ll post it and any links you have. The people should be free. Freedom isn’t outdated but government is and they only have themselves to blame. Has your kid been wronged in school? Suspended for wearing the battle flag of Northern Virginia in Virginia or TX perhaps? the most racist people live in DC and graduated of NE poison Ivy League Universities but the NYTimes and WAPO won’t disclose this info. DC, like the UN is one of the most racists places on the the face of the Earth.

All I want is stories to tell the world that the USA isn’t free and that is what pisses me off the most. I used to believe the fiction but I like many are no longer blinded by the lies of NY/DC/MSM and if you are a man who has been screwed over by the courts please send your story my why, if you want to make a fake name I’m OK with it.

I just want the untold to be told. I want people to have a voice again.

The Kansas Kracker,


Make America Great Again not by electing Donald Trump or by electing the outsider who has an outside chance but do it for your kids and grand-kids so they don’t get steamrolled by a corrupt bureaucratic system. Donald Trump may be the best thing that happened to America because unlike the Bushes and Clintons he cares about you and me.