I’ve been absent from the WWW for a while but obviously the world keeps spinning. I try and live on the censor net of #Twitter but now I realize I really just need to post more on this blog.

What has happened in this World?

#Brexit – The Powers That Be (TBTB) allow us to pretend the sheeple slaves of Britain  have hopes of escaping the EU but it will never happen as the vote has been rigged, just like in Austria.

Britain/UK will be next. #Brexit is leading but I bet at the last minute #Remain wins by a nose as TPTB has to make it look legit in the fake election so the criminals in Parliament and the monarchy aren’t hung on Trafalgar Square. Also the same type of bygone era justice should be done in Brussels has 80% of Europe is raped by the 1% in Brussels. The reckoning will happen but when. Elections are theater as much in Europe as they are in the undemocratic USA. We like to pretend as much as our brothers and sisters in Europe do while the elites rape us all without the hint of lube. A tragedy really, why we all pay taxes to get sodomized by the State.

Nothing really changes, we have wars that are sanctioned by the few so the masses can be eliminated and/or further  spied and confiscated from so they (gov’t terrorists) can pass laws to further enslave the sheep by calling us terrorists who dare question the wisdom of the Poison Ivy League Universities (CIA/FBI/DHS/etc) along with their parents from Cambridge and Oxford (MI 5/6), while at the same time pay new immigrants with our money to vote for further enslavement. What A Wild World  We Live In.

Now in America I’m not sure if the Orlando shooter was a lone wolf or if the G4S and their connections to British and American Intelligence (An oxymoron if there ever was one, wasn’t FBI Hoover a little excentric but then again so are the European Royals and all the American and other World political elite, that is why they are elite.) had political motives, as he worked for them and was part of a BP oil spill documentary but I’m not sure what is real anymore. This whole thing smells of the Potomac or the Thames. A gay Muslim kills gays, blacks/whites/latinos so is this a hate crime? Is it workplace violence like Fort Hood or has the theater of the State backfired and the consequences will be to kick Hillary the Liar from the fake election in November. Could not the script writers see that a gay Arab guy killing gays would backfire, this is no fake Sandy Hook shooting which the gov’t keeps suppressing. Obama and the Poison Ivy League has their hand in everything but then again so did the Bushes and Bill Clinton. The Poison Ivy League/Cambridge/Oxford is the common denominator of the World’s problems.

This article spells is out and this part of the article sums it all up to a T:

As Buckminster Fuller once said: “If you take all the machinery in the world and dump it in the ocean, within months more than half of all humanity will die and within another six months they’d almost all be gone; if you took all the politicians in the world, put them in a rocket, and sent them to the moon, everyone would get along fine.”

Peace is unlikely if we continue to believe in gov’t as it is, it has been corrupted globally and the ppl really have no choice. The only choice is to shed the NWO/UN and let ppl be ppl and the world will be at peace. That being said, peace is the enemy of the global elite who profit off of war and chaos.