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James Comey comes out and outlines all of the mistakes Hillary Clinton made but says her intent wasn’t bad so no crime was committed. Basically he said no one in Washington’s DC insider crowd can be convicted of crime unless it is heinous and only if they get caught. However, the rest of us proletariat non Poison Ivy League, Washington/NYC insider schmucks, well you’d all be guilty in our two tiered UnJustice System. Freedom and Liberty be damned if you aren’t in the in crowd so I’ll introduce you to a phrase called Jury Nullification. That is a term the gov’t indoctrination school system doesn’t want you to hear. Why? The law today we are supposed to believe only protects the Establishment class, like the corrupt Clintons.

How can about 5 thousand people rule over the country with an iron first when they are immune from the laws they pass? USA Gov’t excludes themselves from their own laws. Here is another act of treason California Senate excludes themselves from their own gun laws.  This shit is no different than James Comey, the head of the worthless FBI (fake hair samples for years) and a bunch of asshole Ivy League jock fraternity secret society  rapists pedophiles, (it is called blackmail and DC/London/Brussels/UN runs on the the blackmail fuel), saying he can’t press charges against Hillary because he doesn’t want to end up dead like so many others, and someday maybe me.

Hell the FBI, a fake law enforcement agency that only exists to protect the DC/NE/NY Poison Ivy League Establishment class, as they couldn’t find a government criminal in DC unless they showed up at their door with a bag of Afghan dope (that is why we are there), can tell us how great they are and pat themselves on the back. Hoover was gay (not a big deal) but blackmail was how the FBI got their power. I’m assuming Hoover hated Catholics/Vatican and WOP Italians so they rubbed them out because they thought the closet Poison Ivy League (gay/pedophile) WASP (Epstein pedophile island) mafia could do it better but they couldn’t but that lead to the German/Vatican alliance after WWII. Then again the Vatican is no holy angel of an entity so in the end I’m not sure what happened. FDR loved the atheist uncle Joe Stalin but many in the US, like the Bushes pappy, liked the Fascists Hitler. In the end Gov’t won (Socialism) and the people lost as this goes back to WW1, but don’t expect to read that in your gov’t/corporate owned propaganda history books.

Did you know the USA invaded Russia? I didn’t know that until after my college indoctrination was complete in 2001. Why did my gov’t schooling not tell me that long ago? Why didn’t they tell me a lot of shit long ago that they did? True history is a rabbit hole we all need to explore but the powers that be (TPTB) don’t want us to because it doesn’t end well.

War is theft, war is also sacrificing the young by the old for their own glory. Islam, The West, Communism, Fascism, we’ve all been sold a river of lies if we’d just wake up but the political indoctrination is hard to overcome. Afghanistan used to be visited by peaceful hippies and no problems but then the gov’t they love so much caused lots of problems (then again Afghanistan also ruined Alexander the Great, UK, Russia and now the US), that and poppy plants but then again HSBC got their start there. Who loves poppies and oil? Gov’t, Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Big business, lobbyist firms, UN, EU  and  addicts who make all this bullshit happen because big government won’t legalize drugs.

Why is the UK and US and the Bank of England (BOE) and the Federal Reserve Bank against legalizing drugs for commerce purposes and I’d love to hear MI6 and the CIA’s white paper on how they profited off of the war and drugs. Then again that is why we had a Vietnam war for corporations to profit, just like the 100 years before that….sssshhhh don’t tell that BS to the people or they may revolt…

I want to remind my few readers that Gov’t debt isn’t owed by the citizens but by the politicians and the government corporate entities who signed the legislation utilizing the citizens as chattel. The people owe nothing only the shell corporate state owes the unpayable debt obligations and/or the signers (Senate and Representatives)  of said debt, but the people are not liable. Let us use the UCC law against the liars/thieves/whores in DC/London/NYC/Brussels/ etc  who try and deceive us that we are liable for their hubris. 

America is no different than other countries. Our debt is only owed by our unelected and fake selected/elected signers, we the people owe nothing (we signed nothing) despite what the gov’t owned papers say. I’m not guilty for paying and neither are you but George Bush, Al Gore, Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Nancy Peolsi, Diane Fienstein, etc are liable to our debt holders..

Let the Games begin…