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Isn’t America Great? In 2016 we have a known liar in Hillary Clinton who hasn’t spoke the truth since before the Carter administration vs. Donald ‘The Lion’ Trump who says whatever he wants, which is actually a breath of fresh air.

In a country of 300 million+ these are our two best candidates. In short, the game is rigged and we are all suckers. Granted, people with morals don’t run for office, as anyone ‘serving’ in DC is there because of their unmentioned pasts. Rape, pedophile, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, stealing, murder, lying or any other proclivity that puts a NSA/FBI/CIA skeleton is in your closet that makes you malleable and acceptable to the Poison Ivy League/UK Crown/Vatican then welcome aboard to selling our your fellow countrymen and women. In a nutshell the House or the Senate and most definitely the POTUS. (Funny how most come from the same ‘educational’ background) Please don’t expect the media to investigate. The few good journalists die, the bad ones get a potion of power to protect.

Being a Senator must be such a prestigious honour but being a Representative is a little more tricky as you actually have to pretend to love the people more often. As a Senator you can lie, cheat, steal and all of this is encouraged to hold your place of power but in the House the DC/Poison Ivy League Establishment runs into a little trouble.

DC is a den of thieves and crooks, populated by the worst mankind has to offer (Poison Ivy League frat boys and lesbian women). They pretend to offer us salvation but for a price of labor and asset taxes so in reality we own nothing. Ironically, the US Constitution is the most ignored document in DC,  as the criminals and thieves surround themselves with the law, men and women now protect the most vicious criminals with guns. So the law is actually mandating protecting the biggest thieves around , it makes the mafia look like preschool teachers with their overreaching scams and theft. If only the FBI, DOJ and other alphabet agencies did their jobs and not succumb to political ideology.

Yeah, the FBI broke up the mafia but they can’t find a crime in DC, this is very ironic and actually proves the FBI only serves the Federal Corporation. Funny, since Hoover liked to put on dresses and blackmail people like himself with odd habits. DC is about blackmail and with said blackmail control. If you want to run for office have plenty of skeletons in your closet as you’ll serve not the Republic but the Empire very well, and be reworded for your service and depravity.

Today there is no USA, only a corrupt bunch of corporate bastards and bitches who rule over us by their supposed birthright and interconnecting ownership protected by the IRS. They use and create the ‘law’ to protect themselves and their allies and we see that in this faux election process. They killed JFK and they tried to kill Reagan and they’ll try again and again when people get in their way. Our gov’t taught history in grade schools, Universities is but fiction and our corrupt media only harm human advancement as we continue to regress towards the mean of barbarism.

Do not trust the government and do not trust their allies in the media. Think for yourself as since at least 1850 our history is as corrupt as the Obama and Bush(s) soon to be fixed Clinton administrations. These people aren’t patriots, they only serve to enrich themselves and strive for a NWO to rule over us all with an iron fist. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine but we won’t.

Good Night America,

The Kansas Kracker