I can’t remember the last time I posted as I’ve been relying on my Twitter postings to gain followers. None of that matters really as I only post as it is cheaper than a pharmaceutical copay. I was on the TrumpTrain early on if you look at my posts, one because he wasn’t a Bush/Clinton insider and two because he spoke his mind, which Romney nor McCain could ever figure out. The damn ‘experts’ screwed them over but Trump said screw you, I’m my own man.

Is Donald Trump perfect, oh hell no, but he loves America which hasn’t been seen since Reagan. Globalism is dying with #Brexit and now Trump and Italy climbing on board and most of the EU countries who hate Brussels, which is all of them. It is interesting how the Goldman Sachs and PoisonIvyLeague along with Oxford and Cambridge are licking their wounds and they should be. The people are the power and now they are standing their ground. This is a good thing, as the common man no longer believes the lies of the government and her media #MSM allies. #Fakenews is the fun adaption of the #MSM #Fakenews gov’t propaganda arms coming to the realization that the Internet beat them to a pulp at their own game by a bunch of rebels, kind of like the Red Coats losing to a bunch of American farmers.

The real question though is with the advent of the Internet is government necessary? Multi-National Corporations run governments as they have a symbiotic relationship but both screw over 95% of the population, so are either of them necessary and do the large Corporations only exist because they bought government to protect their brands?

It is a Brave New World, so all you bureaucraticslaves it is time to arise up and throw off the shackles of enslavement and be free, no longer should labor be taxed, no longer should only the chosen few get all the benefits of gov’t decree.