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I, the Bureaucraticslave @bureaucraticslv might actually be buying the lying liberal MSM fakenews reports that now is time for war with Russia. After all our 17 ‘intelligence’ agencies have all have pointed the finger at the Russian Bear. How do we know this? Well because Hillary said so a few months back and we know the (CIA)  Clintons, like Abe Lincoln, have never told a lie, then again the (CIA) Bushes…OK never mind. I also might add Angel Merkel is doing wonders in Germany for her people by terrorizing them with loving immigrants with varying cultural backgrounds.

Hear me out before you say no or that I’m crazy but I think the world might last a little longer if this war commences.. Today the lying liberal MSM, aka the Democrats/academia/The Intelligentsia/Elitists, are saying the Russians have damning intelligence that Trump watched prostitutes at hotel do some things and the FSB has the film, this is straight out of 007 film From Russia With Love.

Side note: Melania Trump is smoking hot and so was Daniela Bianchi in From Russia With Love, much more so than the man of a women known today as the first lady  Michelle/Michael.

Let me get back on point because Daniela is distracting, but Trump is going to drain the swamp (DC) by taking all the old war mongering profiteers who have done nothing but caused misery via confiscatory taxes on the populace to fight imaginary enemies and putting the ‘lower class’ on the front line to fight their wars, which now include Russia.

‘General’ Lindsey Graham, the effeminate Senator from South Carolina, is going to lead the Rainbow brigade know as Foggy Bottom who will carry the rainbow stars & bars flag proudly against the homophobic Russian Bear. His aide-de-camp and fellow CIA propagandist Anderson Cooper will be stationed just outside the front lines at a Ritz Carlton in Vilnius, Lithuania (I apologize a head of time for giving away your coordinates but when the taxpayers are on the hook for your excessive living conditions we need transparency). They will lead the Poison Ivy League Brigade of Globalist (Communists) to Squash Nationalistic Oppression and will work hand and hand with NATO’s  Brussels Brigade of Bureaucrats. Fortunately for us common folk, none of these self described significantly above average, mostly white, groupthink inspired, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter reassuring, mentality unstable bureaucrats and Ivy League graduates have ever read Napoleonic or WWII history.

General/Senator Graham’s friend and his fellow war mongering and profiteering buddy Senator/General John McCain will continue to work with the ‘moderate’ Islamic rebels created by MI6, NATO and the CIA known as Al-Qaeda, Al-Nursa, Al-MSM, Al-academia, Al-whatever on behalf of unsaid global corporate interests on the Southern front against Mother Russia and the son of bitch Assad who wouldn’t cooperate with Obama/globalists via Syria in Aleppo, oh wait that didn’t work out so well, so McCain’s location today is unknown but he’ll probably arm chair it from the safety of a gated community in Arizona.

The State Department will still utilize John Kerry’s (Lurch) Yale pure breed forged CIA pedigree papers (like the tainted Bushes) to work with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to provide global (in)stability and not profit from said arms running actions. In the mean time Hillary’s server is still being looked for and is an Interpol and FBI High Priority Objective (HPO) that will be continuously overlooked to protect the self imposed monarchy class.  By the way Haiti is still suffering and will not be covered by the press even though Billions of dollars have been promised yet unspent by the CGI, this is akin to the UN troops yet again sexually assaulting the victims (they also don’t pay taxes…whores) of their predictable global fuck ups. When you see blue helmets run, as the saviour is far worse than the enemy.

As we speak, RINO Generals Graham and McCain are now encouraged to mobilize their geriatric DC troops who hate to fight wars themselves but are eager to send others in their place. As an American subject I encourage the rounding up of DC sheep and government reps to serve on the front line, why shouldn’t tyrants be first in line to fight? I think all Presidents, Senators and Representatives should put up their assets as collateral to fight the good fight against tyranny abroad, and lead us all into our fight against oppression they created. I might be willing to pick up the flag once they fall first…

Case and point, the Obama administration was the anti-thesis of transparency and our intelligence agencies learned from the best, blackmail first and then fill in the pieces as that is how you get to the top. Nobody asks because nobodies believes it but why does the Crown still exert so much influence over the supposed free American people. Why do our boys and girls continue to fight Northern European Protestant, Jewish, Islamic and Vatican Catholic Wars? Wars are nothing but profit for the few at the expense of the lower class thanks to media selling us all on the bullshit the owners refuse to fight for themselves. Then again there are exceptions and that would be those willing brainwashed sycophant NAZI Obama/Bush/Clinton Poison Ivy League youth who are the loudest who want this battle against aghast the Russian Nationalists so one day they can work for a government.

To Putin – the vast majority of America will patiently wait to see how this battle unfolds but this is how I see it going down. Ideally Russia will allow us Deplorables, and Trump will eagerly watch with agreement, to graciously allow us to take a timeout to re-access once our first wave of war wanting attackers (McCain, Graham, Ivy League and DC, Goldman Sachs, etc) are sacrificed in the global battle against homophobic tyranny in SW Russia as these lunatics once again ignore history and say this time it will be different, much as they always to when Europe attacks Russia. After a week we can meet at a nice place and have some drinks and acknowledge we all saved the world in a timely and efficient manner.

The End

The Bureaucratic Slave @bureaucraticslv