The Kakistocracy

The worst thing about freedom is other people having it. Most people aren’t sufficiently reflective to understand who they actually have in mind when offering another treacly tribute to liberty. Because every man is easy to convince of his own virtue, most freedom fighters will assert a principled universalism in their advocacy. I want more freedom for everyone.

Probably not.

When men sermonize for this, they almost invariably have themselves or those they sympathize with in mind as its beneficiaries. It’s a rare doctrinaire who urges more freedom for those they despise. Thus whether through cunning or just a lack of self-awareness, championing freedom is a common veil for expanding mine at the expense of yours.

Because liberty is just a socially acceptable range-of-movement. Consider it our sphere of latitude. Make everyone’s expansive enough and the aggressive will remorselessly encroach on the weak. Ultimately, total freedom is the freedom of…

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