On Friday, January 20th, we got a doer, not a puppet. We finally got a person who cares not for the opinion of the press and NE Establishment Class but a guy who gets things done.

Is DJT  a populist movement politician like Teddy Roosevelt, absolutely but he is guy who is part of the lower less monied Establishment class who gets things done, kind of  like Teddy who was part of the Establishment just like his politician hombre FDR who sold us all out.  I haven’t studied Donald John Trump but from what I gather he was of limited pedigreed money and influence, as far as money goes, and went to the finest schools but was always an outsider. The caveat until now though was his classmates were of old European criminal class money and shunned him. He was but a small player at the time but decided to make his mark and territory in New York, and now he wants to make his mark on the World and exact his revenge on those incestual clicks from those PoisonIvyLeague years who are aligned to the British Crown.

Because of his past connections I don’t fully trust him but at the same time I do, yet considering how much the MSM media hates him, I think he will get the job done at the expense of his enemies. I think you have to remember there won’t be the privileged Ivy League criminal class Bushes, the compromised Clintons or the unknown Harvard CIA constructed Obamas who get in his way, but rather a guy who the media and deep State conspired against who spoke to the American people and won, and I pray he won’t become the next JFK, thankfully technology works in our favour. He is also so great those powers that be can’t get squashed and the people now realize they have a a say.

DJT – Best of luck and do more good than harm unlike most of your past POTUS predecessors who sold out the people for the false sense of security.