People, please wake up that gov’t isn’t the answer. The whole point of this website is to tell you work will not set you free and that taxes on labor is the just wrong on so many levels. Just wake up and know you’ve been lied to and that gov’t schooling is just a reinforcement of a terrible idea of conformity to a corrupt state ran by a few individuals.

Unfortunately the US is ran by the same assholes who run the EU and the UN and when war is wanted that is what they get. The people have long been ignored since Reagan but Donald Trump is different and we all hope for a peaceful world unlike what is preached by the monarchy of the UK and the Vatican who have long profited off of conflict.

It is time to wake to the realities of the modern world and not those of past outdated right of ownership of monarchies and religious institutions who profit off of conflict. Brexit is great and so  is DJT and the world is awaking to the fact how you have screwed us over via the media and schools. The next few years will be interesting for the sub servant class as we decide how to handle your treachery.