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I’m not a leftist, I despise the State and all her machinations. The left likes to say fascism is a right wing ideology but its only comparison is communism, not fair at all. In reality both ideologies want to control the State to control the land to eventually fully control and exploit the Sheep into perpetual servitude. In leftists circles Hitler is the number one demon but Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao are the top three angels, which is odd because only Pol Pot killed less but given time and population I’m sure he would have exceeded Hitler’s totals.

For us Conservatives and Libertarians the truth of the matter is we hate all these guys but the left loves at least three, in secret they really like Hitler too because him and Margaret Sanger could have been intellectual lovers, then again Sanger would have shagged them all because of her love of death and blood. Think about it, the left loves and defends abortion for minorities like the Vatican loves and defends communion and pedophile priests (I didn’t say Catholics so settle down, just the greedy Vatican).

So how I’m I connecting Margaret Sanger and her leftist ideologues and the Vatican? They have more in common than on the surface one would think, like Socialism and controlling people and property, after all that is what people and organization always strive to do and yes I consider the Vatican to be…a leftist fascist organization…

So are leftists vampires or Dorian Gray? I’d like to say vampires because they can’t see their reflection in the mirror as most if not all are hypocrites who live lives of contradiction. As Peter Schweizer points out in Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles of Liberal Hypocricy these people say one thing to influence the masses but then do the opposite in their daily lives. Why are Planned Parenthood branches scattered throughout Democrat controlled minority dominated housing complexes? Democrats, especially whites,  profess to love minorities but live in gated communities yet daily they extort them in their neighborhoods buy subsidizing housing owned by white political donors, creating very crappy schools ironically by accident based on their psychotic beliefs, over policing so sons and daughters don’t have dads (liberal lawyers also profit) and then killing their unborn as icing on the cake.

Do liberals not like their reflection in the mirror? I actually don’t think they have a problem with their reflection because they couldn’t see the forest for the trees if it bit them in the ass live on CNN, but in reality the problem is they think they are eternally beautiful despite their perpetual scorched Earth policies against all decent people of this World.

This isn’t surprising and is easily observable in their self-congratulating closed societies when group-think  is the only ‘Al Franken’ daily affirmation in their lives. Just observe how the Poison Ivy League, DC, Brussels, UN, Cambridge and Oxford elitist expert class presents their daily deathly global decrees without remorse and then fail to simply apologize with a ‘we are sorry’ when the Faberge Egg they envisioned shatters into a million pieces. These people know they are the best of the best only because the media, their entourage and fellow travelers constantly tell them so, yet these constant and daily false reassurances only serve to temporarily distract them from their aging self portraits they conveniently choose to ignore. These people can’t stand to be alone because when they are, they are forced to reflect upon the ugliness they have imposed not just upon themselves but also upon the World.

God Bless,