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Earlier this week I noticed in the ‘headlines’ provided to the American sheep on the Internet that White Privilege was the hot topic, especially in uber white Westport, Connecticut.

White privilege is obviously a hot topic because all white people are obviously evil. You have big white DNC donor Mark Zuckerberg stealing Hawaiian people’s land via legal fiat. He has since backed off not out of remorse but because of bad PR. Obviously Donald J. Trump is white so he his bad, Bill Clinton is good, racist LBJ is good and let’s not for Jimmy Carter but the Bushes are bad and well, most conservative whites would agree if the Bush’s families history is ever truly revealed. So why are some whites labeled as bad and others good, just like other races with their upstanding morals? Why do the white Poison Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge, Monarchy class get a free ride of protection by the same UN they created? Isn’t the protected people all white who look out and screw the unfortunate yet their sycophants can’t see the forest for the trees? Why aren’t Asians and Africans calling them out? Didn’t these same privileged whites create Mao and Pol Pot in France and England at University, did these white monarchs not do this for their own long-term profits?

Unknown to the world, the average middle American white person would agree to this as their families never screwed anyone over and they hate all politicians and most are good hearted people and are exceptional individuals, just like 99% of rural America, completely opposite to the untrustworthy NE political class, similar to their English family counterparts who are trained at the finest institutions (Poison Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge) to be superficial assholes and use their political and legal connections to fuck over proper society for their societal advantages. This is why the UN is the uber asshole club and they fully support their terrible legal endeavors to profit on their own without legal consequences.

In a nutshell we know the whites of the Ivy League/oxford/cambridge are not knights but rather rats and we hate and distrust them all, but the UN attracts the worst of the worst.

If I was to write an essay on White people I’d give you my dirty dozen:

  1. Margaret Sanger (DNC and Hitler fan) wants to rid the word of blackness via Planned Parenthood. I’ve never understood why blacks are hellbent on supporting an organization (DNC) that murders them daily? Financial kickbacks? George Soros style traitors to the cause? The upper blacks even supported Margaret for these reasons, just like George Soros supported Nazis stealing from Jews. Traitors exist amongst us all…
  2. White people created the IRS via England banks. All coloured people should hate the IRS, including the opaque whites but in reality we should just all hate the British.Not that the 16th or 17th amendment was ever past but if it was it was done by white guys and supported by the white press. White people suck…bigly
  3. Inclusive to #2 I find it ironic that Prince Harry doesn’t like Donald Trump because of his supposed human rights violations. The British royals and American Poison Ivy League Scions talking about human rights is akin to Satan supporting the truth. The The whole ME mess is a British and France elitist fiasco done to help their big corporations. The Americans got caught in this financial fiasco after WWII and further more helping the French in IndoChina (Vietnam) because a bunch of cocksucker university pricks from the NE thought it was a good idea. The City of London and their Monarchy overlords should have multiple chapters in our textbooks but they are conveniently left out, now ask yourself why. Why is the City of London, DC and the Vatican their own independent sovereigns? The Internet is a wonderful thing…Prince Harry, I actually like you and your brother and I shouldn’t, but your dad is an uber an asshole, like Al Gore and the sheep of the world rightfully hate them both, but your mom was a gem who was murdered by those in the known (like your freakish dad, Prince Charles). If you really hate Donald Trump you might want to give back the Crown’s ill begotten  corporate gains to the people but that might open up a real can of worms to us mere sheep. Please don’t get all high and mighty about ‘human’ rights as your reign and your kin’s across Europe is numbered which is long overdue.
  4. Whites killed other whites in Europe for a very long time.
  5. Native American killed Native Americans and Asians killed Asians and Africans killed Africans before the Whitey ever saw them but whites are the bad guys.
  6. Whites suck, so do all the other races
  7. White over educated and anti-intellectual professors blame whites for all the world’s ills because that is what they are paid to preach, the sad part is they are all retarded and should be on disability and live in their parent’s basements
  8. Whites Progressive leftist experts like to claim Muslims discovered the number zero in the name of diversity; however, the number was discovered in either Persia or India before the first pedophile DNC pizzagate member Muhammad was even born so Islam is irrelevant in the conversation. On a side note great job to the long dead person who discovered zero, now our professors are idiots and the brightest work at Jimmy Johns.
  9. White is a racist color
  10. If you have to blame someone the MSM says blame white middle America for what progressive White’s on the Leftist coasts implement.
  11. NE liberal whites can’t change a tire – an awesome complaint
  12. White liberal women teacher rapes young men in high school on a weekly basis and stays in jail for weeks while a white male sleeps with a student and goes away for 20 years. So much for equality.

I’m not going to disagree that white people suck, only because all people suck. Our white government like your non-white government sucks. Our government like your government profits by only putting the top most corrupt people in power. If you have ethics then you’ll never reach the top of the corruption pyramid, known as government. This has been the MO from day one. The less morals you have the higher you climb.

To the people of the world, I love you all, cultural/religion be damned. If we all met on the street we’d get along just fine, it is the warmongers, the government profiteers who don’t want us to hug. Let us all wake up to how we’ve been manipulated and rejoice in drink and song.

To a new world without a centralized corrupt State where warmongering sycophants (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) can’t create Hell on Earth but rather a world were people come before the select MIC (Military Industrial Corporate) profits. I’m not a socialist but I hate gov’t favours. The World’s people could be peaceful if gov’t didn’t stand in the way but that would be bad for business.

Think about it,

Good Night/Dobru Nocs