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Be thankful you aren’t Madonna, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus  or Lena Dunahm who have to do un-womanly things just for shock and awe purposes to be recognized for pop culture purposes. You women aren’t perfect and neither are us men and us men also have the same crap of expectations to deal with.

To be honest, weddings are overpriced and a joke. With modern day cameras pictures are great but really people should go get married in a far away place or keep it simple in their backyard and then just throw a reception. First it is cheaper, second it is more fun and 3rd everyone would be grateful. The wedding industry (photographers, caterers, clergy, etc) like lawyers have done far more to ruin marriages than anyone else for their own greed. Look up Dave Ramsey as he will set you straight and save your marriage. Get out of debt, college is overpriced, and once you start working we are just wage slaves, but if you get out of debt, you can change lives, just like the gov’t but in the opposite manner.

I’m sure specialized elitist sorority life, like fraternity life is great but unattainable for most on the high end. Certain families and individuals can do things most of us can’t and that is great but we need to realize what is feasible within our means. Get out of debt, don’t look up to Hollywood, DC or the Poison Ivy League and make a living.

Women, you are the nexus that makes this possible so please don’t be sold on a false hope, you are the glue that either holds a family together or rips it apart. Please ladies, don’t fall for the false narrative that feminist and what the media portray, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here.

Boobs are why people people exist, men are but simple creatures.

The BureaucraticSlave