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I probably shouldn’t be writing this but if women want equality then perhaps they should stop trying via gov’t interference. The beautiful first lady, Melania Trump, summed it up perfectly, she lived under communism where they espoused equality for all but really wanted to the have the peasants (proletariat) and the political class., separated, just like the USA and EU and the rest of the world’s elitiests. When gov’t gets involved you’ll never have equality because then the political class would be out of business.

In all actuality women have more rights than men, just like minorities have more rights than the perceived injustice done by white men who happen to be the minority in this world. Last I looked white, heterosexual, christian white men are in the minority unless you listen to the fake news and your local government indoctrination centers known as schools. Give me a break, simple math and demographics say white men are a minority but yet are treated as the majority to advance a bullshit cause 3 times a week.

Women, you are better, stronger, and can take pain better than us men. I/We men admit it, you sadly can’t and that is why you struggle for a cause that isn’t so. Wake up, you don’t need the gov’t they need you and that is why the constantly regulate you to 2nd class citizens, that is why Hillary counted on your vote, but I believe you all are waking up to the BS. There is nothing sexier in society than a strong women that loves a man for the man being a beer drinking, sports watching, go to work, do lawn work, manly stuff. The gov’t schools and MSM have conditioned you to believe in a false narrative. They tell you this is what a man wants, but a man only wants you to be you, not a fake you, not a Cosmopolitan, NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC, Vogue, shave down there women, though that is nice sometimes, variety is the spice of life.

Men first see boobs, and we love them all, and then we see you, I’m not sorry if that offends you. We are very simple, we don’t want a fake you, a sorority you. We’ve seen how money corrupts the political class we just want a women to be women. You can’t cook, so be it, we’d like you to clean but we can to, us men can do lots of things and yes we like your boobs and sex and damn it we love you for who you are. We men aren’t complicated and we could give two shits about women’s rights because we know you run the world and the argument is nothing but bullshit.

The thing is we see it, but if you don’t, then we aren’t interested and that pisses you off and makes you a militant feminist and we don’t like them because they are irrational creatures. If you by the PC bullshit then enjoy your lonely life, if not, find a man who wants you for you.


The BureaucraticSlave