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This crazy Ivory League professor is so dumb he doesn’t realize that the State he worships created those warriors who kill the ‘terrorists’ they also created who the people gave their seat up for. The MI6/5 and the CIA/FBI along with the State Department and others in Europe and the UK created ISIS for their own political and financial purposes. Funny how the person giving up their seat, the soldier and the idiot professor have never studied history, perhaps the Israelis might have been involved as ISIS who hates the Jews continue to mysteriously not attack them on a daily basis. Then again the World is not what it seems and the media plays their part of deception to perfection. Actually, I’m disgusted at the professor for being an idiot but then again I repeat myself. At least the soldier is brave yet naive in believing those giving him orders are helping humanity, yet I like the professor just sit behind a desk but I readily admit I’m a loser but the professor is oh so naive to his corrupt loyalties.

I love me a good conspiracy and these pics and comments only add to the intrigue. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4365662/FBI-pictures-reveal-aftermath-9-11-attack-Pentagon.html Funny how two airlines can take down two buildings like pancakes in NYC but the alleged hit on the Pentagon barely caused a dent the size of a dime and all the camera CCTV footage is no where to be seen. Global government fiction told to their subjects daily has more holes than Swiss Cheese but gets us all fired up to be patriotic while our gov’t masters laugh at us. It is ironic how governments like the USA, the Brits and the EU cause the conspiracies, that their people after a time, no longer believe and then begin to resent their self appointed masters. The best part of the article above is the gov’t paid Brits commenting but never realizing that Princess Di was killed by their employers (the UK monarchy) or do they but realize their personal debt is a millstone around their necks like the Americans and the rest of Europe so they just go along with the narrative because it is easier? I went to the The Tower of London some time ago and said that the ‘Crown’ Corp killed Princess Di and the poor Brit women behind me was aghast that I would bring this up but this shows how stupid the Western people are, the USA, UK, and most Europe. The Gov’t Corp has been killing people for a long time and using their subjects for their own ill purposes since before Christ.

Every two week I pay a tithe to a ‘Crown’ Corporation domiciled in the Puerto Rico because the ‘law’ says I have to, but what if the gov’t is a corporation then no judge can dictate anything and even if they do it means nothing. After all we, the USA are in Afghanistan on behest of our British/City of London masters for the heroin as it has killed more than the war has but unending wars are profitable and so is the drug trade….Vietnam perhaps??? I always thought that the ‘H’ in HSBC stood for Heroin and not Hong Kong.

The older I get the more curmudgeon I get and the less likely I am to believe the media and the government. Actually, after attending high school for two years it should become logically apparent that you should never believe either the government or the media because of the forced indoctrination but then they tell us how smart the Poison Ivy League, Oxford and Cambridge pedigreed folks are to our global well being. Funny how Parliament and the the US government are so connected and staffed by these wastelands of corruption and perhaps the terrible and disgusting acts of pedophilia (no wonder the Vatican and the Catholic church gets only a slap on the wrist).

In the End the Truth will come out on our supposed betters who are probably the worst people on the face of the Earth and they will have to pay the piper. David Rockefeller an unapologetic NWO sicko just died and Soros looks terrible and has his hand in so much worldly death, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissenger and their allies the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas who are all connected to those terrible death schools known as the Poison Ivy League/Oxford/Cambridge, granted the Brits are deep into this crap as well and run the show.

Hell, Bill Clinton would have been elected to the British Parliament if he was into boys but instead he forced himself onto girls and was sent back to the USA, ironically he married a women who was also into girls. Again the best and brightest we are told daily by the media who know better than a rooster and a hound dog about what is best for us as they set out to destroy humanity.

Wake up world, the IYI (Intellectual-Yet-Idiot) class are out to destroy us all for their own personal gain and Orwell long ago told us as much.

John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto  – Everyone in the World should read what he wrote. The Corporate ‘Capitalist’  marketer saw through it all and inspired kids to do what they wanted as a teacher of humanity and not of the State and he was hated by other teachers for his vision. All of you who went through Hell (gov’t schooling) know deep down it is true and you today you can get a college education for less than $1000 on Kindle, YouTube, Reddit, 4Chan and ironically Google. The State needs us all to believe in their benevolent educational model to control us but the truth is oh so much darker if you really want to know the real truth. Just know this, we the people owe nothing to the State and also aren’t responsible nor obligated to repay their debts.