I’m sitting here thinking that #pizzagate is crazy but then I think of Larry Craig and Dennis Hastert and these perverts got caught and then they fought it, which only proved their guilt further. These two are sick and like to mess with young boys but how many don’t get caught? Pizzagate is real in my opinion and encompasses most of DC. You don’t get elected to the ‘highest’ offices if others don’t have the goods on you, once you are caught then you have no value. Blackmail is the currency of DC, London, Brussels, etc. and the rest of us pay for their sins.

I’m an American so I’m ignorant but then think of the Brits and the BCC and their covering up of all the the sick crap like Jimmy Saville and the BBC, God only knows what else the monarchy covered up (Princess Di?) her husband is a creep but her boys seem to be statesmen but so the charade may go one, hopefully they want revenge. Heck, keep charging the sheep for their access to lies, no different than what they do in the USA…please give me more PBS and CNN.

Brussels and the EU, I’m sure that place is full of sickos that should be tried, hanged and quartered and that is why they are so desperate to a salvage the EU and their failures.  Anyone who abuses children are the worst of the worst but unfortunately it has happened for years, that is why the government has to continually covers it up, whether in the US or the EU, I only hope the Asian countries have more respect for their children as they’ll lead the world in the by the end of the 21st century and expose the UK, EU and USA politicians affinity for child atrocities. The sad thing is Mao, like Stalin was indoctrinated in the West.

As the World Turns…